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Listen I like it. It's national media. Putting a highlight on. On the Broncos I love some of the Denver media to there, so you know what hurt. Oh, I've been saying drew locks going to be the greatest, and now just because heard, says well, because you have millions of people listening to your show. If. You have that then you don't have to worry. People are going to know what you say and they're gonNA. Hold you to it. It's Okay I've said some things to that I've heard from. Colin Coward but I'm like you know what that just reiterates my point. or it differs from opinion versus text line, three, one, nine, nine six. Is. Is! Drew Lock are. We ready to say he's not only the again saying he's a franchise. quarterback is not saying he's the dark horse to win. The MVP those are two totally different things. Launchers been trying to connect with the show launched a man. What is happening? Hey, how you guys doing today doing okay. The broncos are in the national spotlight. Because of guy you here on this station every day. Colin cowherd. First off, are we that sold on drew, lock. In a I'm I'm I'm excited for him to see what he does. Before where we start really didn't do anything on this I. Think he's going to be good I. I don't know that I'm ready to say he's. He's going to be up in Peyton. Manning Gian territory I don't even know if I'm raised that he's going to be up and Jake Plumber territory. Well. I'll tell you what I wasn't a huge plummer fans. PLUMMER! No. No. Well. I'll tell you what turned me off about him and this is. The people and they slipped off the camera. Was that what? Made a lot of people the wrong way I actually knew the sports information guy. He was with the Broncos Paul Kirk, and then he took the job with shoe and I have some insights. Scoops there about about that relationship to. It was very unique some some I opening stuff. That you know. After, he flipped him off. I, just Kinda just lost. Respect for the guy so laws are noted nobody flip the bird to the. Or you're done with them, right? You're done it. Might Flip. Bad. Double Flip, you might get them with the double bird. Yeah really. Yeah never that you don't WanNa see that one after that one. Are you voting for the Broncos to win AFC west? You know what I'm going to say, not yet They're Kinda. Show me what they can do, but I'll tell you. I'm excited for for for the season now. Yeah, Oh, definitely excited can't wait. I have the broncos unfortunately losing to the chiefs twice I think the chiefs are going to be like a thirteen win team I'll go through their schedule a little bit later on I liked the broncos get back in the playoffs, but I don't have them being a superior team, they're not. They're good. Their schedules going to allow them to win eleven games, but that by no means. I'm not going to give them. You know a deep pass into the playoffs at least this stage I'd say. Maybe. Lots of what's for lunch today, man? I had I had to sell it and some risk.

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