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P oak plus over a hundred at least two hundred plate appearances in at least thirty percent of their games at center and a strikeout rate between twenty and thirty percent because baiter strikeout rate is low concerning to me. And here the the cops, I got back a Deuba Harare's in that in that range as is Austin Jackson jock Petersen. Danny Santana junior lake in Brian Peterson, since two thousand seven. So that's like, that's a really fascinating Senate calms to me well, I think that that lists certainly speaks to what you wrote in your article recently when you were comparing one. So to Ronald the kunia and mentioned that baiter leads. Is all rookies in war, both fan graphs and baseball reference, but I don't think anybody would be taking the rest of his career over a Kuna as sotos or even like labor Torres is, I think. Defensive metrics in general, have been sort of a question Mark for a lot of analysts this year, especially at the extremes, like I wrote a lot about Manny. Machado is concerning shortstop metrics and he's been a lot better with the dodgers. So I think there's a number of question marks about the public facing defensive metrics and how accurately they portray defense, but also exactly what they're measuring. Are they measuring defensive ability? Are they measuring position at cetera? I think with Bater I'm a little less concerned about those just because across all public facing metrics, he performs well. He leads the all major leaguers in UCR, which is fan graphs, defensive stat. He's second in outs above average, which is stat cast defensive metric for outfielders. So I think at the very least we know he's one of the best outfielders in the league. We don't necessarily know why that is whether it's because of something the cardinals do with positioning or if he just reads. Ball really well or is very faster has good instincts or what I think that gives him at the very least a pretty high floor going forward. I think in addition to maybe there is turmoil in the clubhouse with Tommy fam- the emergence of baiter allowed fam- to be expendable at the deadline when Saint Louis traded him to Tampa Bay. But I think like you the strikeout rate concerns me little and I'm not sure how much the bat will help him in the future. But if he keeps defending like this, like what gives him a floor of Kevin cure Meyer? And that's one of the most underrated valuable players in the majors. I think the Kevin care mar defensive comments still really, really aggressive just based on how because cure Myers. So good. Somebody like hammer, Jackie Bradley, you know, like I, I need more than more than how many innings is. He played in centerfield three hundred innings centerfield the season to really believe in that. I think I'll concede that the glove is good. I don't know how much more beyond that, but. I would almost go to in the opposite direction like the the amount of things that he does well really encourages me like he, you know, he's not Joey Votto, but he walks a fair amount. He hits for some power. He's, you know, he'll still some bases, and the ability to play center field is is huge. The big thing. There are two things not just the strike outweigh because the strikeout rate is livable, but he can't really afford for it to get much worse than that, which is a possibility you know, as as he gets more exposed to leak. The other thing that that really worries me is his three eighty Babb and as a guy knows a fast guy. If he's going to have a higher Babbitt. But Austin Jackson is on that. That listed calms for a reason. Baiter hits a lot of balls on the ground to which will, which will use his babble little bit by awesome Jackson being on that list of comps. Remember his his five win rookie season when his Bab was close to four hundred was one of the fluky is batted ball seasons in major league history and baiter can live with striking out twenty nine percent of the time if he's hitting two eighty. But if he's only hitting two eighty because every ball comes off as bad as falling in apply regardless of whether whether or not he hits it all that hard. Like that's that screams regression to me..

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