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Broadcast on NewsRadio six ten WTVN at the memorial tournament live broadcast. Ten sponsored by. Wow, internet fast speeds and no data caps. Some joined by sports director Matt McCoy. Mr. Gulf Ray Husted, both madly working on their phones. It's all about stats. Raymond yesterday scores were good from the elite. I mean, we've got well, we got one at minus seven one six, but we got five at minus four four five at minus five four minus four and eleven at minus three you think the scores are going to be as good today. I think they are. I mean, I'm looking at my our and our, you know, magic app on the phone, and it looks like the, the highest wind on there was five miles an hour later today in nineteen ninety six John Houston opened with seventy. Four and followed with a Friday round of sixty one still stands as the course record. We're going to see something special today. Yeah. Well, I'm sitting here looking at we might I'm sitting here looking at the flag for these morning guys, and it's not doing anything good more lay in limp, and it's going to be like that all day and, and without wind and people know there's some scores out there. I think today we're going to see some special I, I would not be the least bit surprised to see lower than sixty five, and we'll somebody maybe throw the little sixty two or three up today. So given that then is that Ryan more that does that is that Jordan speed the does that or is that someone that like, John, Huston shot kind of round in the first round? And then they just go nuts. Yeah, it's somebody who's way up there. Shot, even par or higher, who's gonna go low today because what do you got to lose sharply? Again, one of my picks. Again with Zander. As you said, you're gonna pick Rickey till he wins a major. You've had Zander on your list for a year and a half, I think every tournament. Fedex Memphis, classic dinners. He's gonna win it this week Ryan. But again, you know when you talk about the family, the crowds out here we watch tiger come down eighteen and I'm telling you, it looked like Sunday. I mean, the entire amphitheater behind eighteen was packed with humanity and though, is it tiger. Is it fill the guy that shoots sixty one two or three they could? I mean, for sure. Those guys have it at him. There's no doubt. But yesterday, remember how bad the forecast was. And yet, the crowds are huge today. We've got sunshine already and a beautiful forecast. Yeah. I think we're going to see something special. Maybe it's Jason day. You're talking about him. Wrong. And could he post a really low score here? Absolutely. Yeah. And with the crowd pumping him be pretty great, but yeah. Special things coming today. I think I like that. I like that. What? Does when somebody shoots a low score here? How do you think Jack reacts.

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