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Late, Friday the US cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency directed all federal agencies to apply August Patch to Microsoft Windows Server Emergency Directive Twenty. Dash Four requires that mitigations of zero log on privileged. Vulnerability CV to twenty, fourteen, seventy, two, which Microsoft addressed in August be applied by midnight tonight and that all agencies report completion by midnight Wednesday. The directive applies only federal agencies under sece's oversight, which is most of them, but with certain national security exclusions. As Forbes notes if the matter is serious enough for SIS to take this action than the private sector would be wise to do the same. The release of Serra Source Code has as predicted been followed by an increase in attacks using the banking Trojan. Kaspersky. Reports. Apparently despairing of getting their reserve price in an online auction that didn't work out to their satisfaction and faced with the difficulty of maintaining the malware as the gang broke up the managers of Serra's last week released their source. Code Online. Kaspersky said quote the result has been an immediate rise in mobile application infections and attempts to steal money from consumers in Russia and across Europe as more and more cybercriminals acquire the malware for free and quote. Researchers are seeing the same sort of jump in functionality and usage. They observed when a new bes- went similarly public last year. Checkpoint describes what it seen of rampant kitten. An Iranian threat group that's been keeping tabs on that country's dissidents for six years. Rampant captain has used four windows. Info steelers an android back door that pulls two factor authentication codes from SMS messages and records the infected devices, audio surroundings, and telegram fishing pages. Rampant kitten has prospected domestic opponents, but it's taken even closer interest in certain. Dissident groups in the Iranian diaspora. US bans on transactions involving tiktok, and we chat scheduled to take effect yesterday didn't happen. Due to first eleventh-hour agreements about control over TIKTOK and second to a temporary injunction. Federal Magistrate issued to keep we chat running as it has. An outline according to the Wall Street Journal the agreement reached Saturday would give Oracle a twelve point five percent stake in the company to be called diktat global and Walmart would purchase seven point five percent of the venture. That would leave bite dance with about eighty percent of tiktok global. But as it happens by dances forty percent owned by American investors and the companies hope that this would constitute sufficient US control to allay US security fears. Oracle. Also intends to provide the new company with secure cloud service for tectonics, data and Walmart would agree to provide e commerce fulfilment payments and other services to tiktok global. The agreement that would establish tick Tock American operations as a standalone company with partial US ownership remains under evaluation and the Commerce Department says, the ban has therefore been postponed a week. The Wall Street Journal reports that a US Federal Magistrate has granted a temporary injunction stopping the government's intention of similarly stopping transactions involving we chat. A group of the APPs users filed an emergency motion seeking to block the government's plans on first amendment grounds. The government they argue has insufficient grounds for blocking their access to the Chinese made and operated APP, and that this constitutes restraint of their freedom of speech. The government has said that it intends to take no action against anyone using we chat to communicate either personal or business information. But that the APPS data collection practices represent a threat to national security. Should. One or both bands eventually go through the Chinese government has signalled that US companies are in for some rough treatment of their own. The Washington Post reports that Saturday China's commerce ministry announced plans for adding some companies to it's. Unreliable. Entities list. While the ministry didn't specify exactly who would make the list Chinese state media have for some time been calling for retaliatory bans on apple and Google. So those two probably for starters at least. The sad case last week of a woman who died when rent somewhere at a Dusseldorf University hospital acquired that she be diverted to a hospital, some thirty kilometers away and too far to give her the prompt emergency treatment she needed has prompted prosecutors in nordrhein-westfalen to open a criminal inquiry into negligent homicide against unknown persons. Reuters reports that the loss of data so interfered with hospital admissions that it was unable to take patients arriving by ambulance. It's been widely reported that should charges eventually be filed. It would be the first time a death had been linked to a cyber attack. That depends of course on how narrowly won construes the words linked to a cyber attack. Since there have certainly been deaths induced by swatting were a phone calls origins were spoofed. But it is an unfortunate reminder that for all the descent Habituation Cyberspace tends to produce in those who live and move and have their being their cyber attacks do have real consequences for real people. Security firm M soft, which has made a reputation providing decrypt to ransomware victims thinks that the Duesseldorf case ought to put an end to the payment of ransom one of the objections to paying ransom. However, much of a bargain, it might be in any particular case for any particular organization is that doing so fuels abandoned? And, encourages future attacks. The argument parallels one that's long been made against negotiating with terrorists. If payment encourages ransomware gangs,.

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