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We'd be different cryptocurrency realized also om she can be like general usd your chip and it will knowing thai baht right right uh and cable network will operate as you know visa we allow people to san from any cryptocurrency end and would converted to different cryptocurrency and that you said they don't even know ray how we do it right so the internet is a similar to what he termed race in all right now like you know we'll have like so many people working on that internet buren new step one that on top of that internet you told me small light the internet of brollywood now because people can actually chancellor value from one one percent were different plisson so our internet a small internet of information to broken said in a message this the people consent emails people consent images portal slight out from one percent or different plisson lloyd before as his last question i want to say thank you very much for coming on crypt a one one and giving the listeners oon a one on khyber a onetoone and a theory i'm in a one visa actually thank you thank you for having me in crypto 101 tradition the last question is always what three songs would you like with your interview i want to explain a little bit white the neighbor pie birthright cairo um lease actually a christo install was that of how will slice surplus yeah of course to cover chris i didn't i didn't think there was relation yes so uh you know in equipped encrypt a war we won like to know you their powers to all of their uh other defence in its ecosystem light we want to provide liquidity farther but that's where i renaming khyber network of course though are for the name about opponent football token all right on the school there so i guess they're not one of their a song that we really lackey's there you know sabathia's empire teen solve glue other ones on the roads on travel by young making prog okay now for that star wars song is that going to.

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