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Wayne to reach thanks to an AT and T phone force tipster that called us at two one five seven twenty four ten sixty. And let us know that next update less than ten minutes. I'm Cari Moses in the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic. I Pat Taty federal investigators are leading the probe into the synagogue shooting contending that it was a hate crime. And they intend to try it as a death penalty case KYW see talent brings us. More insight on federal death penalty cases as well. As hate crimes. Federal death sentences are relatively rare. Most death penalty activity is carried out at the state level. Only three have been carried out since the federal death penalty statute was reinstated. In one thousand nine hundred eighty eight one of them was the Timothy McVeigh. Oklahoma City bombing case assistant, US attorney. Richard barrett. Supervisors the unit that prosecute hate crimes. In the Philadelphia area statute includes a penalty provisions that has death penalty as a possible punishment for someone convicted of that offense. Expect the Pittsburgh shooting to be prosecuted like the twenty fifteen South Carolina church rampage by Dylann roof after shooting to death nine African American churchgoers. It was prosecuted under the. A federal hate crime statute. And he was condemned to death by a federal jury, Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio. Well, since the mass murderers on Saturday barricades had blocked off the scene, you're the tree of life synagogue, but on Monday police removed them, and it didn't take very long for members of the community to stop by to remember. And honor the memories of the victims KYW's John mcdevitt was there. The memorial in front of the synagogue open to the public late Monday afternoon, prayers, Robert and flowers replace on starve, David markers each with a victim's name on it. Jeffrey Meyers is the rabbi of the synagogue, he met with some of those gathered we will rebuild and we'll be stronger because we're tree of life. We're not a tree of death. We will rebuild and we will be even better. President Trump is coming to squirrel hill. Rabbi Myers says is welcome in Pittsburgh. John mcdevitt, KYW NewsRadio. The Philadelphia.

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