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I would probably take donald if he was there that's me i would take darnold got it and pushing the mets point it's greyhound mickey callaway question the next time around the rotation but who exactly here a place where i love the competition well no he's got options i mean seth lugo hasn't pitched in five days it could be seth lugo i doukas elmont zelma is now set now you can't take him out of the past if you could take legal additive pen either no i think you can i think he doesn't use them that often times said lugo pitch it's been a while you're right so i think lugo is an option i think corey oswald is an option i think matt harvey's an option if you want to go back down that road sure you can do that i'm not saying these options are let's have a party but i think that's what you're talking about if you're talking about what you're talking about and right now and vargas is coming back so let's just put vargas in one of those slots so you got these two slots where you have wheeler have matt's you have oswald you have lugo and you have harvey you have five and forget gazelle mix i think we all agree keep them in the bullpen he's finding his niche that's it five guys for two spots that's what i think you're looking at but i think you eventually if you wanna consider lugo is one of those guys you gotta stretch him out a little bit because think about it was the last time he's thrown seventyfive pitches something like that you could also and i know it's tougher in the national league team in these guys you really could actually the last time i.

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