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Person who? Captured the imagination of. My daughters. And a lot of women in this country simply because. She stood out as somebody who believed in something bigger than herself. She taught at Columbia loss off school. She was a leading. Attorney for the ACLU's women's rights project. She did all this while raising. Two children. Of that during a time when she was litigating cases before the United States Supreme Court. Mind you that an attorney who peers in front of that court rarely. Does full time in. That's their whole business. There aren't very many of those lawyers. Around. A May argue two or three maybe four cases a year in front of the United States Supreme. Court. So the complexity and nature of the cases that she was preparing for required enormous amounts of research. Leaf of Fester wrote in an article for courts. Online magazine quote one of these calls came. The morning after Ginsburg stayed up all night writing a brief working at her Columbia Office. She picked up the phone and gave appointed responds quote this child has to parents please alternate calls. It's his father's turn on quote. Ruth Bader Ginsburg lived which she believed. `nother thing she believed in In her life principles was life changing inspiration can come from anywhere. and. In Ruth Bader GINSBURG's life. She was open to other people's points of view. And whenever? She. Heard the word feminists. She helped to shape. What's possible for women? She also believed that a woman should be vaction. Called Vision and action. We can join hands with others like mind. candling lights along paths leading out of the terrible terrifying darkness. May those lights guide us through the coming days? Another thing that Ruth Ginsburg believed in was not taking yourself too seriously. She was not up above appearing at mock trials for Shakespearian characters she loved opera and actually appeared at one point on stage in an opera but she did not put anything ahead of her work including three broken ribs. Lastly one of her principals was. You're never too old for fish net. Enough said. So. With all of that. It's hard not to celebrate the life. Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg she is one of those Americans that will live on in history and her legacy will be bright. Sad to see her go. It's sad to see people who even in this day and age cannot see beyond. Their own. Their. Own Self. To not take a moment to pause. In recognized the tremendous. Accomplishments of this woman. Because it wasn't always in the winning that she made the best points. Often, it was in dissent. We should never forget that as Americans. No matter how divided we are. Rest in Peace Ruth Bader. GINSBURG. America love..

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