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Fucking heart attack. Attack they take him out of office. They foot ten or whatever and then you know Biden has not to run again so then. Bernie comes back and and Bernie can run again. And On. It's not going to happen, but. That's. Worth jerking off to you though. I mean it doesn't matter who they vote or whether they vote. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what people vote for. Trump were not as long as it doesn't matter who they vote for other than trump. As long as they don't vote for trump and my mind, it also does not matter. Trump gets reelected We're GONNA have revolution in. Trump's reelected, not anything. That's something that people should maybe start considering as even Biden has elected and trump's gone. We're still going to have a revolution. This this being with the people protesting the street in the background. Not going away. Wheels. Are, spinning. The wheels are spinning jigs out. The genie's out of the bottle can't make this. Go back all they can do rate basically at this rate is obstruct us and Math I. Think what I'm campaigning against. Getting people on board saying Hey, look! We're being stopped here like we were full steam ahead. Let's go do this. Let's. there was another one I read yesterday I'm. Where was IT There are multiple stay to of already started these they've rolled out these practice universal living wages. I think New Yorkers a the jurisdiction summer New York on it, and then I want to say there is another place that they had mentioned. They was like some random beard and. Whatever some weird place. Where they had taken a selective pool of people in New York, I WANNA to say it was like twelve hundred, or between twelve hundred and.

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