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I say the crown has trampled our next long enough need decentralized solutions to centralized problems. Looking for a community of like minded scoundrels, or just want some swag to let the crown know what you think of it? Join the conversation at pirates without borders dot com. We won't be hard to find. Would you like to hang out with pinging? He's keynoting freedom fest this year for one in thrilled. Freedom fest as the largest liberty oriented gathering in the world. They take a big ten approach with libertarians, conservatives, liberals, anarchists, and just open minded people mingling together to hear real debates share real solutions and converse freely. This year's theme is the wild west time of liberty and opportunity or a time of energy in violence. Maybe both go to freedom fest dot com slash F. T L and get your tickets now. Freedom fest dot com slash F. T L. Not convinced yet. Hey, I understand. It's a high invent even with coupon code. F. T. L E, be sure you're likely to receive investment advice that'll make that some seem paltry. I have something special for you. Go to freedom fest dot com slash F, T L, and you'll get the five best speeches from last year for free. Call it a test drive. Do yourself a favor and go to freedom fest dot com slash F. T L, freedom, fest dot com slash F. T L use coupon code. F T, L E for a discount. Are you crypto currency advocate? The crypto tip is the ideal outreach tool to help new people. Discover crypto currency. It's a printable business card sized tip that you can give to service providers preferably. In addition to a good cash tip when the server scans QR code, it'll bring up an explanation of crypto currency, how to install a wallet and allow them to claim the tip, if they don't claim the crypto, you get your tip refunded to you after a time period you specify. Plus, if they do claim the tip.

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