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Well you want that in your base our no i want that in my base salary and then all the extra things are already have those in my contract anyway a basal what are we negotiate i just wanna get a couple of down because you got to get in there for handle care roundly gotta get wet no no don't worry about which is in town let's let's go okay listen i wouldn't have playing a little bit here he goes by es jay we'll vans of the cowboys their offense will in your cases place to there we love you tanks their offense we'll look a little different this year after some big changes over the last few weeks they released as bryant back on april thirteenth then jason witten retired last thursday cab oi ceo steven jones knows things won't be the same take a listen jason dez tony been kind of synonymous with these cowboys the last ten years so understand that at same time we've got a lot of great young players coming the back and off its line and you know a lot of young guys two point two now so you know i don't really look at it as transition as much do just resetting that's much transition as a resetting ccd think the cowboys have enough talent to compete for a championship i think they have enough town to compete in the nfc i don't think they have enough talent to compete for a super bowl i worry about their playmakers offense of course we've been over this over this over this as far as the lack of speed the lack of proven playmakers that they have in their offense outside of zeke elliot the tailback and defensively how good are they going to be are they going to build to get to the passer are the linebackers going to stay healthy and their secondary which was very young prior played better than people expect it where do they go from here as a group so there's a lot of question marks i like where to cowboys are at absent of not knowing who's going to be the number one receiver listen the last time i saw a team.

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