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Virus infection inside President Trump's inner circle this time it's his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani was admitted to Georgetown Hospital Sunday in Washington after testing positive for covert 19, according to sources familiar with the matter. It's not exactly clear when Giuliani tested positive or the details of his condition. He was last seen publicly on an interview Sunday on Fox News. Before that, he was in Georgia on Thursday in front of the state Senate Judiciary Committee, where he continued to pursue his claims of election fraud. On Lee. Some of the state senators in the room with him warm asks Margaret Malard, ABC. New attacks back and forth and Sunday Nights. Georgia Senate runoff debate between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Senator Kelly Leffler. She called Warnaco far left liberal. I cannot stand by and let Georgians know not know who my opponent is how radical his views are and how he would fundamentally change our country. He's out of step with George's values or not, says Lefler is trying to buy the election, spending millions of dollars of her own money. Trying to push a narrative about me. Because she's clearly decided that she does not have a case to be made for why she should stay in that seat that you had to a runoff January 5th and then the other Georgia Senate race, Democrat John all self appeared at his debate alone after Republican Senator David Perdue declined to join in Southern California and parts of the Central Valley going into a state ordered Corona virus shut down. His infection rates hit record numbers, but many are not happy. Los Angeles.

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