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What's that look like to not think about you know, and we naturally do it. I mean think about that for when we're kids the pizza cake gets up to piece of cake, you and your brother. I mean, what are you gonna do? You know, here you have the big piece. It depends on how good the cake. Does that does? You eat this. In my friend. Matt Furby works at junior high kids, and he says I've never walked to the car with a bunch of junior high boys, and he goes it without this happening. He goes every time you're in sight of the car. What is every junior high boy yell out shot Shasha? He goes, he goes absolute he goes, he goes, I've never heard a kid goes shotgun for you. You know? And I love that hilarious competitiveness is building. It's amazing. If we could teach our kids shotgun for you, teach them to consider others give themselves and a lot of that is raising empathy stepping in other people's shoes. And you know, what advocates really do care if they take the time to do that. And we need to help our kids. Well, and that that is a great point that sometimes when us a child when you go through difficulty like yourself when you were the bullied, I mean, it it does give you a desire to teach your kids. How not to do that and in hopefully, I remember in school. You know, even though I was on the football team in that whole bit. There's one girl that just she struggled. And I just decided, you know, she had a class with me. So I'd find her on the quad before class, and I'd Walker to class with me and I-, partly I just wanted to be a friend because I. My heart went out to her. She just seems so lonely and being the quarterback of the football team. I did think. Okay. Can you some of that cloud in that way? I didn't get teased, and those are the other good things that you can do as a parent to help, you know, look for the person who's alone. I remember speaking that to my own boys. When you go to that junior. High Dan's finds somebody who's by themselves that looks fearful and just talk with them. You don't have to dance with him. Okay. I can do that. And as you even say that is hard for me to not even get emotional. Because of course, I wished I was the capital captain of football team. I wished I was popular. But the power you had and by you taking that power and becoming meek and saying I'm going to go walk across the room and say hi to someone. Sometimes you have no idea. I mean, honestly, Jim you have no idea what that does to someone to help them. Because. If the captain the football team would have ever just walked up to me as a guy and said, hey, man, what's your name and talk to me. And Seth man it would boost me for a week just saying raises everybody out there are some schools that their sports programs do that really well, and I applaud them for it..

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