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Slash. <Speech_Male> Shows <Speech_Male> you'll be able to find <Speech_Male> this episode for <Speech_Male> the meals will link <Speech_Male> everything up as heather mentioned <Speech_Male> so so it <Speech_Male> will take you to the map <Speech_Male> google map of it. You'll <Speech_Male> be able to find it second <Speech_Male> if you do. Take take <Speech_Male> some of our advisory. <Speech_Male> Go somewhere that we've <Speech_Male> mentioned during <Speech_Male> any of these series <Speech_Male> throat on instagram. <Speech_Male> People have started <Speech_Male> doing this. It started <Speech_Male> to really take <Speech_Male> get some momentum here <Speech_Male> use the Hashtag tag <Speech_Male> e <Speech_Male> pop <SpeakerChange> sent us. <Speech_Male> We'd love to know. <Speech_Female> Share your <Speech_Female> post <Speech_Female> Sharon. It's <Speech_Female> so fun <Speech_Female> to see <Speech_Female> you guys out <Speech_Female> there. Going to places <Speech_Female> that we love and <Speech_Female> loving them also <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> spread. The joy spread <Speech_Male> the love and on <Speech_Male> on instagram. Let us <Speech_Male> know your favorite meals <Speech_Male> because some <Speech_Male> of these were recommended <Speech_Male> right like these. These <Speech_Male> are stuff that people <Speech_Male> have recommended. We've heard about <Speech_Male> share your <Speech_Male> favorite meals <Speech_Male> that you had in two thousand nineteen <Speech_Male> because we'll go <Speech_Male> out of our way to try <Speech_Male> to get there. We're <Speech_Male> GONNA roll through our list <Speech_Male> very quickly just to catch <Speech_Male> you guys up half. <Speech_Male> Give your <Speech_Male> honorable mention. <SpeakerChange> And then <Speech_Male> just run through your list. <Speech_Female> Stephen Cookies <Speech_Female> in Margate New Jersey <Speech_Female> Resi <Speech_Female> Bellies Water Front <Speech_Female> Grille in Tarpon Springs <Speech_Male> and Middle <SpeakerChange> Child Eld <Speech_Male> in Philadelphia <Speech_Male> and then my honorable <Speech_Male> mention pizza. Shack <Speech_Male> amax in Patria Bardiya <Speech_Male> in Philadelphia <Speech_Music_Male> Vic cafe <Speech_Male> in Picton <Speech_Male> on Prince <Speech_Male> in <SpeakerChange> Prince Edward <Speech_Female> County in Canada. <Speech_Female> My number <Speech_Female> twelve pizzeria Bedia <Speech_Male> in Philly <Speech_Male> twelve for me <Speech_Male> Conan O.. Moray in <Speech_Male> Lombardo on the <Speech_Female> island of Coachella <Speech_Female> number eleven <Speech_Female> keeping Mahalla <Speech_Male> in Sarajevo rusty <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> bellies and <Speech_Female> Tarpon Spring <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Number Tame Bloomfield <Speech_Female> Public <SpeakerChange> House <Speech_Male> in Prince Edward County <Speech_Male> Ontario Canada <Speech_Male> at Arena <SpeakerChange> in quill. <Speech_Male> Old Town <Speech_Female> may number nine <Speech_Female> team. Burma <Speech_Female> in <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> most <Speech_Male> are <Speech_Male> should be <Speech_Male> by number nine <Speech_Male> Bloomfield <SpeakerChange> Public House <Speech_Male> in Bloomfield Canada. <Speech_Female> My number eight <Speech_Male> is <SpeakerChange> Kona <Speech_Male> at Torino. The <Speech_Male> number eight is red <Speech_Male> fish. Blue Fish Victoria. <Speech_Male> which is your number? <Speech_Male> Seven <Speech_Male> by number seven <Speech_Male> is Collegeville Italian <Speech_Male> bakery <Speech_Male> in Collegeville Pennsylvania. <Speech_Male> Hometown <Speech_Male> of one <SpeakerChange> Travis Sherry Jerry. <Speech_Female> My number <Speech_Female> six is <Speech_Female> Marie. Bucci <Speech_Male> in <SpeakerChange> Crete <Speech_Male> throw Mexico whenever <Speech_Male> six is <Speech_Male> sweet aloha balls <Speech_Male> in verse <SpeakerChange> Ford <Speech_Female> Pennsylvania. <Speech_Female> I number five <Speech_Female> but in two <Speech_Female> main <SpeakerChange> Portland <Speech_Male> Maine <Speech_Male> Ball. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Cape Elizabeth Portland <Speech_Male> now. My number five <Speech_Male> Irma in Mostar. <Speech_Male> Bosnia <SpeakerChange> Herzegovina <Speech_Male> minute <Speech_Female> forced Suraya <Speech_Female> Philadelphia me <Speech_Female> to <Speech_Female> my number three <Speech_Female> the <SpeakerChange> palace <Speech_Male> Steiner via. I mean <Speech_Male> my number three is <Speech_Male> by in domain the <Speech_Male> mazing lobster <Speech_Male> all in <SpeakerChange> Cape Elizabeth with <Speech_Female> main. My <Speech_Female> number two is a pizza <Speech_Music_Female> shoals in <SpeakerChange> Portland <Speech_Music_Male> Oregon. My number two <Speech_Music_Male> is the Palestine <Speech_Music_Male> and our dual number <Speech_Music_Male> ones. We'll say together. <Speech_Music_Male> Let's <Speech_Male> say <Speech_Music_Male> in the neck Cratia Cratia <Speech_Music_Male> thank you. I said <Speech_Music_Male> listen. We've got <Speech_Music_Male> more year new view coming <Speech_Music_Male> up so keep <Speech_Music_Male> your ears. Open <Speech_Music_Male> will be rolling <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> in to <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> into <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> our other things part <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> force coming up coffee <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement>

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