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Out deep backs away gives to Cunningham. Have to go with a half twenty nine twenty four. Louisville Cunningham on a high dribbled out near bid core over toward the right side. What's the ball drops into McMahon further, right, man? Takes a jab step goanywhere now. The war pulls up for a three. No good bounces high and Mooney is there to collect paper rebounds already for Mooney. Text team only has fifteen he's got eight of them as the top rebounder in the conference seventeen. Double doubles triples during the one minute Mark Notre Dame with the ball Gibbs drooling out talk his team down by five kick the moon to back out top the good one. Here's comes around the top tips. The fastback out give. Looney on Williams Raisman, MRs one rebound rundowns by Williams. Gathers it in the front court bounce the way to cutting hair. Forty two and a half twenty two on the shot clock. Coach Matt calls the play Pascal's over at the high right now top to king over the high left out of the top two war. Mcmahon jump up three Ryan. Great. Look didn't go buoy Catterson his ninth rebound on the game already twelve now by the York, and they've just about all that really rhythm. Good. Looks. Forty five percent overall Notre Dame. Can play it out only got two thousand. Don't get a shot away. Tears up drilling slice off to the left back at the moody three. No good. He didn't get it on a fall. Look like. He has no good. Over the bachelor rebound. This goes along the road leading Notre Dame at halftime. But cardinals have been under sixty their last four games and are all face again today. But at least they lead twenty nine twenty four over Notre Dame and a half talks basketball from learfield. IMG college. Look if you're like me, you got a lot to remember like remember to pick up some refreshingly cold lemon lime mountain dew. Is sounds good doesn't where here's my trick. If it's a nice day. I think nice with ice. And that reminds me I better get some mountain dew ice. Or if someone asked me for the time, I think Tom rhymes with live like in limit live. Anything can remind me to get to the store and get myself, some mountain dew is mountain dew.

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