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The season finale of a senior season for season for episode eleven delivery Baby Mason. Now I was very shocked that this one was only a half hour episodes. Same to end this wonky season for anybody who has been following this era. That originally was twenty two minute episodes and then this season somewhat inexplicably. They just oscillate. And you'll get a forty four or you'll get a twenty two and I also blocked off forty four minutes assuming that this is a season finale would be big and meaty nobody iconic birth of Mason. And it's not it's a twenty two are that's all we got. That's all we got folks. Let's because of Courtney steely determination in her birth. They were planning on getting more footage and she was like. Oh yeah you know. She's not someone who's going to you know. Have a lot of emotions it's either. It's very black or white with her. Mike God this episode for anyone much like last week. We said this last week that the Vegas episode had a lot of like historic moments. But this is this is Canon. Yeah this is includes that includes a scene above the lake. Money in the waiters mouth. In Vegas this is like I would put top five moments purse. You're doing great sweetie pulling a baby out of your regina like all right. Let's get into it. So we were. Tb continued last week after accordion. Scott called it off Accordion WanNa see him anymore. So Scott goes over to Chris's House. He is Raspy as hell or I mean. At least I knew that they were filming. This genuine post-debate still lost his voice. You know he he's like I just don't understand. Why why you hate me Chris. It's like wait. I'm sorry you can't figure out why you're almost mother-in-law might hate you after you've been so violent around her daughter multiple times maybe not to her daughter but around her daughter eight months pregnant daughter. He's like just treat. Reggie Lamar better. She's like I do. She's like well let me tell you. Why Oh what? A performance from Christianity could be real real. I think it was really real. It was sincere. She starts crying and she's like could say you could be a mood partners. Ap's but she says the thing it's like she's like she doesn't she doesn't want her daughter to someone that she's ashamed of and has to take care of and.

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