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The ad council up to fifty eight inches of snow along with fifty five mph wins possible in the koetter is an eastern montana today and tomorrow forecasters say travel be extremely dangerous of not impossible some areas of the upper planes including central minnesota could see up to a half an inch of ice accumulation president elect donald trump has come under fire for his extensive use of twitter and for making policy statements in one hundred forty characters or last the former house speaker new during rib says mr trump will be sticking with a social media platform this is who he is a challenge that operate whether it's brilliant are stupid he beat sixteen rivals many be hillary clinton any beat the elite media in given enough going were john fox new sunday said he class for the president elects use of twitter as brilliant thousands of residents of arms were germany spending christmas away from their holmes forced to evacuated so cruz could difuse a large world for to aerial bomb the on exploded ordinance discovered by construction crew earlier in the week city spokesperson richard duro says residents of nearby communities open their doors to help people have accepted strangers to their living rooms and just since quite a nice experience for oxford this christmas bomb safely diffuse sunday night and the fifty four thousand people evacuated allowed to return to their homes britain's queen elizabeth missing the traditional christmas morning church service as sheahan prince philip our recovering from heavy colts church doors near the queens a stage say they want the best for her side is in this understandable she's a very well she's a very well you know they can mcqueen his ninety years old the cubs first world series title since nineteen o eight is the runaway winner for top sports story of the year in balloting by atp members an editors the death of mohamed all the after a long battle with parkinson's disease came in second pts i'm rich dennison fox newsradio he.

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