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He's co hosted a few episodes of this podcast as well but we're also one of the three were also two of the three co founders of college cast which we were all talking about beforehand and one of the cool things that i've learned from him and just from being around productions in general right because he's a he's a dp videography. Is you shoot stuff on spec right so and that means we're going to get a crew of people together that for no or little money are going to shoot a commercial or shoot a short or shoot something right and bring our gear together and bring the community together to just try something and then we're gonna put it out there on our website and hopefully that will lead to new opportunities and that has always been something that i found really interesting that you sometimes don't see in traditional professionals right that that eagerness to dabble and do both of us both of you find that as well that that's been an accelerate for your business and for your podcast for all of the projects that you're working. Oh yeah i mean. I think the key for us though was learning what to even dabble in. And what like like. I said i can't highlight enough that investor dna. That i mean. I'll give you a great example. What i'm talking about. It's not my my my highest achievement. But somebody was talking about e commerce. And they're like man. There's so many businesses for sale right now in the ecommerce space in it's exploding and i was like oh cool. What are some of these. Look at this. There's a company called one hundred unicorns dot com. And i'm like oh dude. I have five daughters. Like that would be really cool. Maybe i should buy that. It's a drop shipping business. So there's no inventory to keep up with like this would be simple. I can just plug my daughter's into the process. Teach him how to run a business. This is huge. This fit so many. Good things about like what i'm about but here's what i didn't understand how much time and energy and expertise you have to have technical knowledge of how to run this actual website which i have zero of nor do i have any like inkling of desire to wanna learn so i have to outsource everything i spend eighteen months. Give or take trying to run this business trying to do this with very little time each week. Because i didn't have the time. I didn't have the expertise and ultimately i was losing a thousand two thousand dollars a month because i was having to pay everybody to run it and he's still weren't getting the kind of results that would be necessary to get off the ground so long story short that was me dabbling and not realizing all of the factors that i should have considered it so now i use that as an example to say all right russ you. We want. wanna do this one thing. Well does it fit our time commitment. Does it fit our expertise. Can we affect it in some way with our skill set or am i going to be like forced to hand off. Everything like that just helps direct us and where to dow with. If that makes any sense it does. Yeah and russ. How do you usually take that because myself with with our team at college. Cast is well. I am i think russ and i probably resonate on the same level..

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