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I'm so disgusted by tittle. That i find him very intoxicating toxic hitting. That's me what's coming up in the next segment. We will have karen lyle our friend sale sports talk dot com and But other than that the lines are open. And it's one eight hundred eight seven. Eight p l a y. You ain't got no alibi. Your ugly as i was talking about with this decision Decision twenty twenty. That's today last. Night was a decision as i mentioned. Twenty eight seconds left and it looked like That the giants were actually going to tie up the box if they could get that two point conversion but a pass the on lewis broken up by antoine. Winfield there's the flag and you'd say yeah look kinda like he got mugged then talked about it. The refs ours now penalty flag on the play. The giants early like we won according to the referee. Brad rogers glad. I don't know that name. These guys get to famous anyway. Brad rogers said the two closest officials. The play agreed that there were simultaneous. Contact between winfield louis. Which doesn't constitute pass interference. The way i read. That is intent. So if you're trying to catch the ball in theory. I say in theory. It is a rule but really in theory. The defensive player has just as much right to the ball is the offensive player now. Haven't judged it like that the last forty years in the nfl but if there's a pass in the air and you're a db and you're trying to intercept and you bump into a guy while you're trying to intercept that's not pi. They'll usually call so the side. Judge named eugene hall. He threw the flag. And then the down judge. Jared phillips not the pedophile from subway. We'll get to that later. Speak another pedophile from subway. Now i'm just kidding. We have our good buddy chris in oakland. What's up my man way to get introduced man. Thanks karen bokram and he you know he revolutionized subway and he had me by subway sandwiches for a while because you he lost a bunch of weight and he's got an oprah something like that and he did anyway. That was phenomenal. It's really sad story on that one In terms of your play last night i just caught the highlights and it looked like i mean you really laid it out right now rick that you look like that. He had stopped for the received. Stop the guy kind of bumped into them. So i've you know i'm not a line. Judge item not afri never played football. I like that but I looked like pass interference to me so once again. Tom brady gets a break. And you probably going to the super bowl so I wanted to thank you for you. Know laying out you always. I always love your show. Rick just not because sports talk but also because you kind of look at the bigger picture of life and You know voting is very important today. Man so you know i i think you said i think it's the most important election our lifetimes and it's you know probably not going to be the most heated election where it's going to cause civil war like it didn't eighteen sixty hopefully not but Y- my mom's from syria and civil war going there and you know they can't vote so you know whoever you're voting for today it's good to get out and vote and i i can proudly say voted every election since nineteen ninety. So get that The other thing. I wanted to chat about the warriors and the new oakland jerseys and i saw you tweeting some stuff out last night about it and that's a little too little too late. I mean i think there was. You know especially in light of the. They're appealing their decision to pay the coliseum authority back. Forty two million or forty plus million. I'm taking the state supreme court. So let's hope that the city and county Don't lose that State supreme court appeal. And you know i mean. They've left town. I think there's more pushback on the warriors and they realized when they left the oakland east bay look like they went from the. You know the community can't get you know support community over to the rich san francisco and they're making money hand over fist But i think there's a little more placate placate to the city and east bay. Oakland got that kind of panache. Whatever kind of coolness to it that. I think they want to try to level I've kept my season tickets over the center and is definitely not the acknowledging. There was nothing really to cheer about last year but it's definitely in the same You know there's something to be said you know like we. We love our coliseum. Even though it's not know state of the art but there's something about it that we love about it and you know so anyway kinda for people who don't people who don't know the warriors tweeted out they I think they have six different jerseys to be honest with you. But a new one it's modeled after the The old time when they had thunder as the mascot or we call the we believe when the one being Upset the one see. That was dallas I was at that game when the confetti came down and mark cuban walked off sad and that was a you know back then that was our. Nba finals if you are a warrior fan. Anyway so it's modeled after that and it says oakland on it now people who don't know the entire time. The words were in oakland which was over forty years. They never want us said oakland. It was always golden state and a lot of people complain and so the closest they got was take the town and for people who are no in the bay area the city of san francisco and so they used to be. Oh you guys are only town and so oakland kind of embrace that kind of like the elephant on the sleeve of the as and it's like oh. We're just a town okay. Where the town and they had but that still never said oakland even when they played at the call him they were jerseys. That said san francisco or the city and then now after a year. They're like we want to honor our oakland heritage. And it's like you're just trying to sell jerseys and placate people and listen if they came out with those while they're at the call sam. I probably would've bought one. But now i kind of feel like this is snake oil. I had. That's that's amazing. Said because i a lot and again we're on our mid forties early forties ed. You know you're not supposed to wearing jerseys. If you over thirty. But i've got a whole you know punching jerseys and there's no rule to that well i'll tell my wife she thinks i'm gonna eat every time i put one on but Especially my eric helius jersey major but yeah you and again i would totally buy one I did buy town when even though i knew they were leaving. I just i just bought one but I don't know maybe down the line of by oakland jersey. I know when. I go to the games now. I always buy stuff and last year. Was where my raiders stuff. But i don't know. I don't know just i don't know i'm a i'm a fan. I'm going to be aware fan but leaving the city like they did now. Trying to screw the tax payers. Had weird is that. I mean as much as you know the raiders relieving and it killed me and of course he is trying to get out of town forever. I kind of thought well you know. At least the warriors are still be here. I can still see him and last year. It's weird. i didn't know how he's gonna react. Of course i'm a lifelong warrior fan. I'll never root for any other team. But i had a credential center. I didn't go at one time. I still never been. Wow ever and it's not because i matter i hate them or anything. I mean i went through. I went to the center. They're building it for a tour. I went there right before. The season started once they started. And honestly they started sucking. And then steph got hurt. And i'm like i'm bound. I mean over the last five six years. You know when the when the wars were lakers mentality. You didn't see a lot of laker fans but you know prior to that. Obviously forty years happens stadium or laker fans. Well we saw a laker fans last year. And i'm sure we'll see a lot more this year Yeah i mean it's just you know and again you know. We're we're spoiled because these days. The said the costume centrally located easy to get to bar. You know everything you know freeway and it was just really hard to get over chase center from the east bay and you know you're spending your whole evening there until early morning so whatever. I'm.

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