LeBron James Wears Shorts With His Suit


Well here. The ones who are usually handing The, sitting, down now if they stand. Up, sometimes generally they don't but it's usually You know you probably, drive it home So you're not. Watching these, two gentlemen in the morning I know exactly what you're talking about it and it's interesting because I would guess that some people like anchors and sports guys don't even wear suit paints. Because I remember I did a did a TV spot Fox Sports news show, and Tom Waddell was one of the co hosts Anton had jeans he had like a suit jacket and tie had a pair of jeans shorts on at one point Because they don't have to stand, up right now folks. You have cancer and like it might be in, the evening I'm. Usually not at home to watch the weather in the evening but it's an early in the morning Starting five six seven eight hundred Standing there and they just looks so silly because they. All are dressed the same way it, looks like it's a new suit but it looks like, it belongs on a little boy and, I just want to say guys look at a mirror to have your, mother, dressed, you again Thanks Margaret take care have, a good have a good day see now when I'm watching Dan as. You know when. I'm watching weather in. The morning it's Tracy Butler So it's not Don't care what these other guys are weird because I'm gonna watch Tracy Butler. Men to that so always wonderful look and she dressed fantastically. All the time so you had mentioned that. Other shorts thing there's a big hubbub because during the NBA finals is a. Team building exercise LeBron James asked the Cavaliers to all wear, suits with shorts so they were all wearing soup pants that had been cut tailored tailored. To. Be sure yes Let's let's seems a little weird to me yes so. But it it it created great debates because the NBA players are by far the most fashion. Forward of all your sport oh there's no question about there. Was a lot of people questioning whether it. Was the right route to go or not to go and get caused major. Debates tells major debates shorts suits that were tailored to be, short correct so they were it wasn't like he was wearing George Senate a suit and, tie Now we're okay let me ask you this was the suit The. Suit jacket and the shirt long? Sleeve. They, were yes okay. So it was, a false full-sleeve yes okay Tai. Whole thing. But the short the. Pants were short right They were short short-sleeved, yeah Sleeveless that would that's. A good fashion? Faux by you know what if you're going to anywhere besides, work wear long sleeve shirt that's that's. The thing I can. Understand, 'cause my, get hot, no no weddings no one no one of my favorite. Lines ever in the. Simpsons Is? When they're going? To an event or something I can't remember what it is, but homework comes downstairs he's got a. Tie short sleeved shirt. And, Marge is, like you, can't wear that Homer and he goes sipowicz does it She's like what you you can't do, that go back upstairs, and change and then he goes I wish I. Was sipowicz For those of you. Don't remember, NYPD blue, that was Dennis FRANZ. Is characters name and he, did wear short-sleeved shirts, with ties all the time Sipowicz does it All right. Let's break here, we got a we got news coming up and then we'll jump back into this topic, because you know. I'm so fashionable I am. A fashion plate it goes David. Bowie than me That's how it works Let's take a break Welcome back everybody how you doing the kajillions here on seven twenty WGN We. Are live. In. The AllState skyline studio here we're in studio this morning The overlooking the lake here and we're..

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