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Jackson Country to sue opioid makers


Sixty seven, degrees, in downtown Saint Louis Cammo ex news time is. Six fifty to the Indiana family that lost, two nine, relatives when a duck boat, sank on table rock lake is preparing to say goodbye. To four of those loved ones, funeral services are, today at grace apostolic church, in Indianapolis for the husband and three children of Tia Coleman Tia and her nephew were the only. Survivors among the eleven Coleman family members who boarded the boat in all? Seventeen people, were killed Jackson county Missouri is the latest municipality to sue, opioid makers distributors and pharmacies over what it calls. The worst manmade epidemic in modern medical history Jackson county. Alleges in the federal, lawsuit the epidemic has. Burdened the county with opioid related hospitalizations emergency medical responses, for overdoses babies born in withdrawal incarcerations and child welfare cases the Kansas City star reports more than three hundred. People, died of opioid overdose deaths in Jackson county Thin between two thousand thirteen and twenty seventeen local presidents with the United food and. Commercial workers union responding to the announced sale of shopping, saves parent company super value Inc they released a, statement, saying it's outrageous that shop and save workers hand to learn. About the development on the news there are angry super value didn't, feel the, need to inform their employees or the union representing, them about the move ahead of time they say in the coming days they'll be, fighting to, preserve union jobs wages and, benefits through collective bargaining Illinois is celebrating its two hundredth. Birthday in a variety of ways one of them, conducting a series of public, polling's came wax is Brad Choate tote joins us live in the news room with the latest results REO speedwagon is the winner of the top two hundred. One based music acts category the classic rock band formed in, Champaign back in. One thousand nine hundred sixty seven ABRAHAM LINCOLN presidential library spokesman Chris wills says the other leading vote getters are quite. A diverse mix, we've got. Soul from Sam Cooke we've got Chicago blues from muddy waters and buddy guy we've got funk from earth. Wind and fire and of course, the great miles Davis jazz pioneer miles, Davis of course with metro east. Routes there's a statue of him in Alton to vote in.

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Jackson Country to sue opioid makers

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