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I've seen it. That's not our less of it but like those you know eight minutes segments Ed put out. It's just him walking and look listen. I know he's known the industry is one of the savant mail the mail. Your Salad series is to a lot of people but how many people to be saying that when this when this thing does release one a lot of that you're GonNa be walking through it. Yeah there is some action right here. Sure you finding some of the enemies the spirits that you were talking about Let's look like kind of like a boss battle right here so you can you can something as far as what this looks Kinda cool what what this how it all how it all comes together. We still don't know. We don't know what you know what find out in November we'll find out very soon. It's coming in the beginning of November. Zima is kind of like almost like a Tarantino all my words word word cooperate them very much that guy so a lot of people go in just to see what he has done sure. You know see what this game's news about his fans. You find out later. This is called the bloody nigga catastophic the expansion pack Areeta they have. I would love to talk a little bit more but we're playing games tonight. Video Games yet are big games so we gotTA DO Barbecue. After this right we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and kind of get things. Thanks setup to play the Games are going to be playing gears of war fighters yup and download the game got it set up over here now what we're going to do is we're just gonNA keep. Things rent's GONNA see some behind on the scene stuff. You're going to hear things off in the distance on not guaranteeing that we can actually keep you entertained because we did not we did not go in and put in the widget forward like a timer we well well that will come eventually yeah. We're working on a whole bunch of things and what the content eventually will be some fun things in the future so other than that you get behind the scenes of of a loose exclusive that you go behind the scenes putting everything together and setting up everything so with that said it won't take long to settle for the game. Just be patient. Take about fifteen minutes. Maybe less but just so we go out properly. Give us a proper ending us. Thank you very much. I appreciate you know you guys. Do you think's solo an ad together and I love listening to you guys. Thank you and appreciate to chat as very funny very informative great fit thank you. Why did you in my house? I want this over here. Let's say it mass. Oh it's got the head Yeah Komo News Thank you thank you guys out. There and I want picks the dog picture now that you laying down and everything baby but you've been good very loving dog. She said here the the whole time she just wanted to be part of the special guests good job featuring Pixie yeah so it's a good dog. She was quiet. The whole was actually helps it acetate at her to Sir with love just blew into a face all right bay. It was the increase Herman Click you yeah now especially doing this man very fun. Juicy cheers all right y'all. Let's go ahead and and get things going with the game play but before we go I want to say one more time and merged dot com get some stuff what they got she was coming in very soon and check out out.

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ED, Zima, Komo discussed on Double Toasted

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