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Then it's out of the circle daddy hussein and then he tried to fly wando in stride but that ball was not touched by any one so it will be outs for a goalkick four guide item bearish be a bit more composed there tried to hold possession what the dinaledi defend right now you could you could sets there morales a bit down the laundry to keep them off the ball foresee lucas due defensive work the more likely you'll get one or two of those guys are just for gets in a sign it may be a halfstep lazy treat that opening for you laugh holzer i think they're going to get that ball to go where he wanted to go out of africa go out of flying so to throw in thirty off the byline played off the near side garza garcia martinez what are you want in and then on top of the six tara beld rabbit out of the air could idea from martinez torres at found himself on the back shoulder but just to have you ever ball so our bell up to you all out of the eighteen and the earthquake zap threads the needle up jewelry near to the outside and husson husson laser to the interior do you organs you'll could do much with that wall taken back although it's a fight garcia to keep it away from young worth in orlando now here comes the dinamani attack one once again martinez snaring who was left to the outside what you want him to the eighteen sarkozy nilsson flagging to get it out of there still inside he eighteen and then it was and comes up to reject an entry pass and that it's going to be up to arabia bull slowing down back killied at to jackson you'll you'll spin to the inside of jungle here comes the earthquakes on the attack the outside and baako awful outplaying leading it ahead with that right poured into the area to his left to a time loses the possession the golf all of the pond by derek on top of the six offer santa there you can't script that any better until the ads dp isolated one on one confidently the.

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