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The financing of some coal oil and natural gas projects Bank of the west recently announced the change, and it's caused a lot of anger in the Rocky Mountain region. Where fossil fuels are an important part of the economy. Bank officials say they don't oppose the fossil fuels industry, but they support the transition to renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions the rock springs. Rocket minors Sweetwater county. Commissioners voted five to nothing in August to stop doing business with the Bank Sweetwater county, which has several major gas drilling areas is scheduled to withdraw funds from the Bank by October. First. Salaries on Wall Street rose last year to their highest level since the two thousand eight financial crisis. The figures come from a report on Wall Street profits from New York controller Thomas to Napa Valley the average salary in New York City securities industry in two thousand seventeen was four hundred twenty two thousand five hundred dollars a thirteen percent increase. Securities jobs have the highest average pay of any occupation. In the city to Napoli's report finds overall the industry had twenty four point five billion in pre-tax profits in two thousand seventeen rising forty two percent from twenty sixteens figures. Needles found in strawberries, all over Australia have forced the fruit to be pulled from grocery store. Shelves and future. Orders have been put on hold health minister. Greg hunt says needles have been found in all six trillion states, and that police are leading the investigation. We have all side tasks the federal agency to investigate whether their supply chain weaknesses with their actions that we can take to assist the police whether there are systemic changes, which are required. Western Australian state strawberry. Growers associations pulled the Silva says it's consumer terrorism and a nightmare for the industry. W industry has dumped over twenty thousand kilos of effort. And that's basically from cancellation of orders and lack of demand to sabotage strawberries scare is now stretched to Western Australia where a needle was found in a berry over the weekend. And in New Zealand both of its major food distributors. Have.

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