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Johnny Hekker, the place kicker in the special teams coordinator is curious to me. But beyond that, Matthew Stafford is a far better player than Jared Goff. It's not close. I don't care if he's 83. He's a way better player. You tell me where the rancher week that they're strong a wide receiver the strong offensive line. They have depth. The tight end. I gave you the running back room. Obviously Donald in the front. The linebackers air fast. They've got three of the best corners in football and Hill Williams and obviously the headliner Jalen Ramsey. They got great safety play from John Johnson and Jordan Fuller. I mean, tell me where. Where, if you're less need, Where do you have to improve your team this year? I think they're ready Made. They feel like they should win the NFC West, and they probably think they should go back to the Super Bowl. After what they did Saturday. You no doubt about it. And look, there's a lot of off season to be done. But as you said, Cam makers is coming on. They've got some free agents. Gerald Everett is a free agent. That's not a huge one. But then in the secondary, Troy hell is afraid that this offseason John Johnson's a free agent, Darius Williams, Eyes, a restricted free agent. If I was somebody I'd try to go after him. He had a great year, So the secondary is about the only place just because of contracts that they could be susceptible. But like you said, offensively, with Woods and Reynolds and Cup and Jefferson and Acres coming on the way he did, and the rebuilt offensive line Offensively, they're gonna be good, and they have the number one overall defense. So if they can, if they can figure out the secondary from a financial standpoint, this is to me one of the best teams in the NFC because they're gonna play defense. And now the sudden they're gonna have a good offense with the way that McVeigh can run an offense that he wants to run. This is a scary team. I and I think they'll find a way Troy Hill and Darius Williams. Neither one were drafted into the NFL Troy Hill to the Bangles in 2015 Darius Williams to Baltimore. They got him later. These are the kinds of fines That may be the 40. Niners are really good at that. Look at all their undrafted players that in the starring for them with Kyle is the head coach. So you got to do that, but that's how they've overcome. You know the lack of having high draft picks and go into so many pics to get off and then somebody picks to get golf off the roster to take the salary cap and as far as Stafford I don't think he's quite Aaron Rodgers. But damn, he's close. And you saw what this offense the floors offense Shanahan's offense did for Aaron Rodgers. Last year grinding a little bit. Maybe it takes Stafford a little time to figure it out. I'm not sure if he spent in this offense before I have to go back and look at his history, but I think he's made Hey, doesn't have quite the movement skill, but it's not bad and just you're taking an elite. Arm talent that can hit any spot on the field, You know, deep, easy. You know, I think you can run everything. And so if they get America to say he's gonna play like Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers here this year was an M V p year, but I think he could get there. He's so much more of Ah, donkey so much. He's a huge upgrade over chair golf. Honestly, when I looked at the Rams this year, I think the weakness was gone and call fed games where he spotted golf is a capable thrower of the football, But Stafford is every bit His equal. And then there's some games where Jared Goff was incredibly inaccurate. And we saw it against the 40 Niners that Sunday night game of the 40 Niners beat me, Miss Cooper Cup on an out route to start the game. What happened there? Mr Monta seam route when the 40 Niners from our Taylor was on him in the slot he ran right by him should have been a touchdown. He missed him going back to last year's game at the L. A Coliseum memory of Gerald Everett, the tight end. On a go route down the right sideline. I could see it and gets through it so flattened long. He missed him badly. So something was happening there with McVeigh just to lose his mind and say he's a quarterback for now, and now he's no longer on the team won't be official till ST Patrick's Day, John, but They're good. I think what they're looking at it is winning the NFC West clearly and challenging all those teams. Tampa certainly will see what New Orleans does a quarterback The 40 Niners, Seattle Green Bay, all the teams that are at the very top of the NFC Day. They gave up all these ones to do. One thing is that is to get Stan Kronke in the Super Bowl. No doubt about it. All right. That's the Rams side of things as far as Matthew Stafford. But where does that leave the 40? Niners? We'll get into that. Next. Only here on the SportsCenter. Take Papa and learn to the house. Your house. Listen to these sports leader on your Amazon Echo. Smart speaker. Just say play Knbr. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Super Week. Congratulations on bringing home the Vincent Party drove me to the city of to the city of this Will the goat in the Bucks win the first ever home town party for the Lombardi or will the.

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