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And don top five number four little here before we damon story the seahawks are um in the news again with frank clark this is a guy in college who was accused of domestic violence and there was a case against him and it was one of the reasons where he found the draft in the seahawks picked him up and say this character issue we've dealt with it he has subtle back case and so a woman a few sports reporter name natalie wiener wrote a story about him back in the day and then she recently wrote another story not about him about a different player but related domestic violence and somehow either she tweeted out here's another piece of written on the same topic or the search engine or two brought of boll stories and so frank clark tweeted at her directly and said that he didn't appreciate that and that he was going to what was the actual the actual tweet he tweeted out was people like you don't have long careers in your field i have a job for you cleaning my fish tank when that little job is over and so he's not to apologize in the seahawks met with them these are to re apologize i'm trying to put myself if he really felt like he was wrongly accused back in college it probably is a bummer to have brought up again over and over again because that was a it was a very weird case the one back in in michigan you probably know the ins and outs of that case way better but i mean he ended up pleading no contest to disturbing the peace but is there any evidence that this the my these domestic violence charges against him were unfair or trumped up i never heard that no not that they were trumped.

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