Emily Blunt, John, Amir Putin discussed on NBC Meet the Press


But you can still be to John's point real politic and believe our intelligence services, and that is the other dimension of this that is similar to how he's talked about flat. Amir Putin that is similar to how he's talked about. Mohammed bin Salman, which is that our intelligence services believed that Otto warmbier was taken intentionally and strategically because if you look at the timing of it, it was three days before Kim Jong UN was about to test a missile for the first time in three years. This is a well known tactic of the Koreans which is North Koreans, which is strategic hostage taking so count this. As yet another time where this president is not just trying to butter up, dictators and strongmen but doing it in defiance of our own intelligence. You know, presidencies take on the personalities of of the president always agree. There's nothing nothing inherently wrong with walking away from negotiation. I don't think that's a problem. But in this is gonna sound harsh. This is a presidency entirely, without empathy. I think there's what you're getting only because he he seems to be for all appearances person who was entirely without empathy. Whatever his strong, suit's or or weeks. He does not have the ability to. To feel personally and deeply the suffering of others. He never exhibits that and and I think that's Cohen was getting it in his testimony. And it's what comes across in moments like this North Korea. David Brooks today. That's basically that theme of his column. Didn't love Donald Trump when he was a kid anyway, that's all for today. Thank you for watching. We'll be back next week. Because if it's Sunday, it's meet the press. Hey, guys, Willie Geist here reminding you to check out the Sunday, sit down podcast on the latest episode. We revisit one of our favorites with Emily blunt. I chat with the actress about reprising the iconic role of Mary Poppins, and what it was like to work alongside her husband. John presents keys in last year's monster hit horror film, a quiet place. You can listen to that full conversation with Emily blunt right now on the Sunday, sit down podcasts get it for free. Wherever you download yours.

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