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Brian's gonna build the motor during you know and then we're going. You and brian are going to. You're going to do the chassis. And then brian is gonna put the the motor in the chassis. And it's going to spend your graphics. See i thought i was just gonna ask you about thought. It got one back to the factory. Yamaha truck each week but no it didn't know no i did. I never got to keep it at the races. We worked out of the god boys and truck. Yeah boys with graphics on. That's a pretty good. That's a pretty good deal by those guys. Pretty nice steel to do that absolutely. But i think they also knew that john had been together. Didn't want all of a sudden. Have brian in lunacy. Balloonist and loomis doesn't strike music. I that work really well with doughty now. I mean i'll be one hundred percent hacienda. Brian was actually pretty cool to to both of us. A couple of things here and there like i sprayed. Wd forty on foot peg hinges one fire springs at one did need yelled at me in front raised in front of everybody. And i'm like really did like wasn't gonna do the way you guys change amount every race. Anyway i stray. Wd forty my foot pittsburgh's mojo entire mechanical career. Yeah easy spray. Wd forty on my hands. Just so i can stay lucian. Yes but he was he was. He was fairly nice that john. But i'll be honest with you. I feel like brian was Was in thrilled about it. Because jon didn't come with the big flare. Big name and johnson johnson and damon bradshaw stuff. So now he's got this. John dowd guy. You know whatever well. There's a famous story. That kudelski tells that in eighty nine. They hired kudelski three digit guy. Seven sixty two you know. And and loomis they told lunacy to put some phone numbers on the bike for the photo shoot. And if you see the photo shoot. The numbers are all crooked. And he's like yeah because luna's was so pissed off that he had to put numbers on for an area code guy and i'm like honda. These these numbers look like they put on by six year old like go look at the seven hundred promotional stuff for kentucky's thing it's hilarious so lunacy luna's right so i guess you understand where i'm coming from with that. Then you just never really yeah. And he's probably looking at you and john and just a bunch of hillbillies and yeah exactly right so i'm sure. I got some cracks sean. Halfway through the days. I'm sweating all over the place. You'd probably like bats second win millville like no mud race. No nothing you win millville. I was there that day. Yeah well so we go into the we act at. Gp that year buds creek. Okay and i again. I know he got fourth overall. They're not sure exactly on the motos but you know again we're talking. Gp's back then where we had you know. Emig was the thing albertine stefan. I mean there was like seriously ten or twelve really really good at least and he got fourth and i was like i think he got fourth overall. I remember right or something like that. But you know it's like holy crap like option you know again. There was no talk. That had already told john this one year deal. You're too old word. We're we're starting to look for younger. Riders we're good. Don't worry about it. Just go enjoy yourself like literally. That's macari mccarty said that butler or somebody like that right now. Butler was was mechanical true..

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