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What a great weekend. We got a lot to get to people as Chris mentioned off the top there. Anthony Davis dropped fifty the Lakers the best record in the NBA Mason Party a tremendous success. Fun It was really. We'll we'll talk about about that. The Rams Win and look like the old rams you don't want it yes there now team. Nobody wants to play. Everyone's dreading if they get in in. We hope we don't have to play the rams five or still alive and and then there's mythical money yeah how about this. This this is great. This is shocking. Going down to the Y.. Okay so every year at the beginning of the year right at the start of the in January we each give we each get one hundred thousand dollars and mythical money Yup and the goal of the game is just finished with more than the other two guys it is. Greg Bergman skeeve Mason and meet me Yep and we just beck all year on anything you can bet on anything for twelve months Friday Greg. How much money did you have on Friday? Two hundred and forty four thousand dollars and how much money did I have on Friday six thousand okay. So Bergman is Nile Nile eating US and he's been killing us all year. Long Mason went out on the first game Saturday morning. Home of Baylor. Yeah Right Oklahoma Loma minus the night so mason finishes with what Greg five hundred dollars okay. Bucks out of the hundred thousand Mesa has five and then because Greg was so far ahead of me I had to bring back. My history is the parlay king. Yeah I had to try a hail Mary of of a parlay. That was so ridiculous that if I hit it I catch Bergman and if I don't I finished with literally one dollars yes it's I needed I did the math. I needed six teams to and what does it pay. If I hit Greg pays to I need to look. It's like two hundred in seventy eight thousand dollars. What one thing that gets me to pass per yup and then Bergman because I credit you for this because you're a good sport you did not sit on your lead and make no oh betts? You tried to put me out by. They winning yeah winning big Bet and what lost it for you. I lost in the first one ever my I bet was I lost the Rams I lost. I lost on the raiders. I lost on Buffalo. Okay so so you finish with what I one hundred and one thousand in the black. Okay I just wanted to be in the black. I didn't care about the rest but my hail Mary. There were three games in the morning and I go three for three and I'm thinking well I'm only halfway there and the way parties working. She gotta hit them all so in the afternoon. I bet against the raiders because I think Tennessee's the hottest team in football yep. Tennessee blows out the raiders. And and I'm four for four now. I need the Rams I bet on the ramps rams I am five for Ron here on Thursday. Do you know the rams were fezzes. Best of that. I didn't even know that. So here's as it did last year when it boiled down to mason an eye on the final final weekend of the year Mason Mason Slash show Yup for the month of December. He's leaving. You're going someplace exotic and Costa Rica so mythical money ends tonight at six o'clock six no say whenever the Monday night game in there is no you. Can't you bet outside..

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