Oprah Winfrey, Producer, President Trump discussed on Scott Fitzgerald


Selfishness greed broken relationships fluntern wealth and arrogance i've seen the light through your glowing example isn't that great can you just pick up the sarcasm posted thereby referenda lauren and i'm serious when i tell you if you have any doubts the clinton news network just a few minutes ago had a whole segment about s yesterday evening's golden globes and you're about to find out why yesterday evening oprah winfrey except to the cecil b demille award at the golden globes and one of the things it has sparked spin somewhat of a movement i don't think it's an exaggeration to say this i was watching this in fact do we have this is about three minutes long do we have enough time to share this producer let's let's go ahead and uh uh maybe we need to save this after the break because i think this comes up at the it's just about three minutes long but let me just set this up for you because in receiving this award and i don't know whether this was intentional because you know this is a great opportunity when you've got all of these eyeballs watching you you have to wonder was this an orchestrated attempt by ms winfrey two unofficially launch her exploratory effort to run for president of the united states in 2020 kissed in the short clip that we're going to share with you after the break in fact it's going to be a little bit later in segment i'm kind of teasing this for a little bit later in the program because we're gonna talk about the panthers coming up as well one of the things i want you to think about i think back to two thousand four do you remember this guy name barack obama who spoke at the democrat national convention do you remember the reaction to the audience when people have tears in their eyes anz i remember thinking this guy's running for president they're grooming this man this is part of the preparation and new it's amazing about this hollywood is so good at this they love to basically set the stage they love to do everything possible to be involved in what amounts to propaganda manipulation and it's very effective but as i was watching the short clip of oprah winfrey you're going to hear it a few minutes it it's amazing to see the people in the audience with tears.

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