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In the ruling party selection of. Candidates for the parliamentary election the messaging service Watson has, announced restrictions on its service in India to try to curb. The spread of militias rumors, false allegations on WhatsApp have leads to at least fifteen deaths from Delhi Joe Miller more than two hundred. Million Indians, are what's up and they Ford more messages to each other than us in any other country but after the rapid spread. Of false accusations and. Deceptive videos led to a series of mob lynchings WhatsApp announced that Indian uses would only be able to pass on messages to FIFA the chats the company said it would also remove the forwarding. Button that appears next photos and videos the move comes after WhatsApp was chastised. By the Indian government which ordered that it immediately contain the. Spread of hoaxes Joe Minna world news from the baby The British Prime. Minister Theresa may we'll call them the European Union to evolve it's position. On Brexit when she makes a speech today about the Irish border which remains one of the most disputed parts of the negotiations MRs may. Will stress that she could never accept a deal which treats Northern Ireland differently from the rest of, the UK according Vietnam has ordered an American man to be deported for causing public disorder during. Nationwide protests last month state media said William Gwynn who is off Vietnamese descent had admitted. To taking part in illegal activities video footage showed him being, dragged through the streets with a bleeding head wound during, Don rest dozens of people were arrested Italy's far-right interior minister Matteo Salvini says he will bring a defamation case against. The Antimafia, writer Roberto no one of his fiercest critics earlier, this week Mr. savvy no tweeted a picture of. A dead woman and a child floating in the Mediterranean Sea and, questioned how much pleasure Mr.. Salvini took from the image Search and rescue operations have posed for the night at a lake in the US state of Missouri where a. Tourist boat capsized on Thursday killing at, least eleven people five others, remain missing divers have been involved in the Sach which will resume in, the morning more now from Peter Bowes this happened in some, pretty atrocious weather about. Whether has been rolling through the midwest of, the United States for the past few hours they're having fun thing about weather warning, but two of these boats these amphibious vehicles duck boats as they're known where out on the lake they're capable of. Operating, on land as well as in water very popular, interest areas, one managed to get back to the shore but this one didn't a capsized and sank to the bottom of the lake fence latest BBC world news Welcome to hard talk on the BBC World Service with me Steven Saka my guest today has spent three and a half decades serving as a member of the, European parliament but surely even, he would concede that. These are truly extraordinary diplomatic times in the European Union for starters there's Brexit one of the club's. Biggest members is intent on leaving but can't seem to figure out how and the twenty seven remaining members are disinclined to give Prime. Minister Theresa May's government a sweetheart deal, while the bricks it challenges, remaking the EU architecture that challenge of immigration threatens to open up new, fault lines in Europe in particular popular politicians in a host, of Member States are. Demanding tough new action from the EU establishment, and if that wasn't enough another populist from across the Atlantic Ocean President Donald Trump, is threatening to undo Mine the key strategic alliance between the. US and, Europe which. Is often security and shared values for the past seven, decades Europe's cherished stability suddenly looks vulnerable and Germany for all of its economic power maybe unable to restore, it Elma Brock, who is currently. In Washington DC, joins me on the line how. Close to Britain crashing out of the European Union without any kind of. Deal do, you think we are a thing since the chickens paper we see a possibility to come to. An agreement is the executive, order could agree to but we have no, after the Veda for one year Aflaid. A proposal? By the British government which is one of the basis for the negotiations and hopefully we can. Achieve remarry results on that all gets this agreement through Windsor. Transition period of time and then negotiate. Finally of future relationship in detail I looked at, reaction from Brussels to Theresa May's white paper proposals Michelle Bonnier has, kept very quiet he simply says he's analyzing those ninety eight pages but another, senior commission official was quoted in.

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