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Probably, um 6 7000 deaths of seniors hit that he forced into Kobe positive seniors forced into nursing homes and then Wondered why so many people were dying from New York state lawmakers, including Democrats, calling on the state's attorney general to begin a criminal investigation. The co founder of the Lincoln Project, has resigned from the board of that never Trump group Steve Schmidt, saying to make room for the appointment of a female board member. Another of the group's co founders, John Weaver, is facing numerous sexual harassment allegations. Wall Street Friday new record highs for the major indices. But our games 27 points. NASDAQ Up nearly 73 S and P 500 gained 18 points. America is listening to Fox, do you It's a podcast about money. But stacking Benjamin's not only has great financial inflate its laid back with humor to Princess Estate undervalued by $80 Million. What a mask. You didn't have a plan ahead of time to minimize the tax, but now he has a court system. Everybody's being paid by the hour. You think this is going to drag on for a while? Yeah, you think in a state plan is just something that you have to do? Listen and subscribe to stacking Benjamin's on apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows, American never flies alone. The Air Force Reserve is always there is the country's wing man. We're ready to do the job to serve when called upon. We move America, taking people and supplies around the world. We build and repair runways to keep our planes flying way, maintain an array of magnificent aircraft, and we routinely perform amazing feats in the sky. We're your neighbors. We live and work in your communities and still hold part time jobs that keep America strong way. Are they heading our reserve side? Resuming in New York City on Friday, Indoor dining in.

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