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That they are rated by the short being nothing is found. And then suddenly they come down heavily on Steve Mann and he gets banned. Oh, I see. There's a number of yeah, there's a number of issues. And the issue that Paul raises is, I think the vast majority of the horses in his care have gone to pa Kelly. So they're trained by pat Kelly and pat lost the Reynolds horses. Mostly to Gordon Elliott. Phil Brennan made the decision to just move those horses and look, that is entitlement. Steven man is now traveling head a lot for him. But if the IH or B because he interfered in that drug sampling situation in the manner that he did and the way that that was written about by the age or B and reported. Now you can interfere in that in any way. What I can understand why he would be so if what Paul image is writing is true and I am taking all of this with a grain of salt. With that being said, we're not doing our job if we don't talk about it. I can understand on the basis of what poor image has written, why Stephen man would be so skeptical of the IH or V. And it is intriguing that Jim bulger said what he said then said it again. I think it was to David Jennings and the racing post, then he says it again to Paul kimmage. But when it comes time to speaking to well, first of all, the House of Commons asked him to speak and that was never going to happen. I thought that was quite funny, actually. And if you know Jimbo, you'll know why. But the doll committee, so our version of that adult errand committee asked him to speak and he wouldn't. He wouldn't do it. And I wonder, was it because he saw what happened to Stephen. And they've had such a close bond, which I wasn't aware of. I must admit. Now again, Stephen, you look back at that case. I think it was 2009. Again, Twitter correct me if I'm wrong. That's shameful. That is that is utterly shameful. But it is a good point made by Paul image. Why did the owners not make a complaint? Why did they not report them to the IH or B? Maybe they did, and that's why they are at your B came in, but it does seem odd that he was providing the ayah JB with information that the IHR B were in contact with him that he has the receipts of this. And yet it's him who gets taken out. Yes, I think what's going to happen. Well, I mean, hopefully for everybody's sake is that the truth comes out eventually and then all is clear because at the moment it seems like there's a lot of issues, a lot of cover ups and I think that Jim bulge a comment has stuck in the mind of a lot of people in horse racing, not just in Ireland, but all around the UK. So yeah, I think hopefully the truth will come out at some point and whether that's going to be a shock to everybody I have no idea, but it sounds so there's a lot of cover ups and perhaps a lot of issues going on. I strongly recommend you read the article. It's the first of three, as I said, I think it might, yeah, I think it's a three part series. Paul kimmage investigates Irish horse racing's dirty secrets part one. Now don't be fooled. Paul images his own reasons for doing this stuff, but at the same time, whether you like him or not, he is a journalist of the highest integrity and. When David Walsh wrote what he wrote about breaking the brownie frost case wide open. He came in for an enormous amount of criticism. And I spoke with David several times, actually, on the phone. I remember driving. We were both driving. He was in the UK and I was driving in Ireland. Obviously using the Apple apple CarPlay. So hands free. And he said that he was just disgusted by what had gone on, which is why he felt compelled to write about it, but also that he's been a fan of horse racing since he was a kid. And that he's been to cheltenham for 30 plus years. He's never missed a Sheldon festival. So it's not like David Walsh was coming in, it's not like he's coming in like that journalist, the ping Pong guy. And this isn't him again. That's something or other. Who just took a swing at racing for clicks knowing nothing about it. David Walsh is a big racing fan. I don't know about pork image. I don't know if Paul is a big racing fan. But I know that if you're going to write this and if you're going to go after the IH or B in the manner that he has, and it's part one of three and the Irish independent are going to publish it. And then part two is going to be pretty compelling stuff. Who was your horse to take away from the weekend? There was so many old timers, but new kids on the block like hill grass and whole stone winning and. So hard. I think, do you know what goshen, I think, because I'm so, I'm so happy for the Moors, Emmett, because they've had a tough time with that horse and I think him winning at sandan, then him winning again at the weekend that we encounter was great, so I think that there are hardworking family and I think he's on a roll now gosh and so I looked at them and making the most of it whilst he's in the form that he is in. So yeah, goshen was great for me. Hard to disagree with that. As long as you keep him right handed, you're okay. So no champion hurdle for him. To say the least. Hillcrest for me. I think we've seen the potential race winner. I know that we talked on the show with the Darren a while back. By the way, exciting news from all of our Sunday. All about something they have bought the most expensive horse in their history. And a €150,000 approaches. And the.

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