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To have to be careful about seventeen for forty one that's over four hundred on first pitch swinging with three homers iraqis have not seen them this year so we'll see it could you know as as the dave righetti is talked about in 'boches talked about it he does pitch differently not ninety two ninety three's more eighty eight eighty nine as a regular speed and he's had to adjust as offspeed stuff because frankly his offspeed stuff is where he gets his outs and we'll see if he can do that today we'll talk about kylo freedland the 24yearold in a little bit but they're just keep in mind the giants some once this year at san francisco seveninning six no runs a walk in three strikeouts he's another guy can run on uh sixth all basis to caught stealing but if he gets you down owing two and the can he knows what to do their six for forty five against them at that point is another one thirty walks forty seven strikeouts for the ball is going to be in play more and you can get some runners on base in and this ballpark phillies fourteen th majorleague start is 24 in this ballpark at his third of a kiss of death if you start putting people on via the walk i will take a break john florio is with us next the book is outstanding one nation under baseball had the 1960s collided with the national pastime john florio is co author with that and we're going to have him back with us right after the break talking baseball with marty lorry on knbr succeeding these sports leader.

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