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S- like an insurance claims. Men just comes around well let me see the the corpse please K.. In some wax no it's incorruptible. That'd be a cool job. Water responsibility though. Oh for sure. Yeah Imagine Imagine Accident Guy but imagine you're called in into to determine whether or not one of these bodies is incorruptible and hands a saint and that saint is up in heaven watching it and the guy screws the call he says No. This isn't a saint and the saints up their son of a in my mind. That's how I would share Shishir. Well a lot of the incorruptibility nece has to do with how pliable the bodies are. So you know you really you may just have to go in there and give them a little jiggle and and see see what happens there. Simple apple simpler process than have envisioning. I mean I. I don't know you know it could be. I think it would depend on. How seriously you take your incorruptible claims? ADJUSTER job uh-huh. Yeah anyway so there you go The incorruptibles saints who are Pliable and smell good and are covered hurt in scary wax.

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