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You've heard of this one. the guardian. January twenty nine nineteen seventy four. another ice age question mark. time magazine June twenty four nineteen seventy four ozone depletion a great peril to life. hasn't happened. nineteen seventy six the cooling. from NASA. nineteen eighty acid rain kills life from lake source New York times book review July eighteen nineteen seventy six didn't happen. Noblesville ledger April nine nineteen eighty. acid rain kills I said that nineteen seventy eight no site in end to thirty year cooling trend Associated Press September sixth nineteen ninety. then we continue. just looking at the list and so damned one here. but according to NASA satellite data there's slight warming trend since nineteen seventy nine source. Dr rice Spencer dot com. nineteen eighty eight. James Hansen forecast increase regional drought nineteen nineties he's one of the top NASA scientists. but the last really dry here in the Midwest was nineteen eighty eight recent years have been record with. Washington DC days over ninety degrees from thirty five to eighty five. but the number of hot days in Washington every peaked in nineteen eleven and they've been declining ever since real climate science dot com. nineteen eighty eight Maldives completely under water in thirty years. source. agency France Presse nineteen eighty eight well obviously it's not. nineteen eighty nine rising seas to obliterate nations by two thousand. the Associated Press June thirty nineteen eighty nine. New York city's west side highway under water by twenty nineteen. these are all news outlets so we'll just continue with the titles. nineteen ninety five to present climate model failure C. I. poinsettia. March twenty two thousand are an appointment the independent children won't know what snow is. the guardian December twenty three two thousand two famine in ten years. well I was seventeen years ago. the guardian February twenty one two thousand for Britain to have side viewing climate by twenty twenty. of course they're going to be he waves as we now. so seated press June twenty four two thousand eight arctic will be ice free by twenty eighteen. it's not as free. two thousand eight Al Gore warns of ice free arctic by twenty thirteen but it's still there. two thousand nine prince Charles says only eight years to save the planet the independent. well. ten years later. two thousand nine UK prime minister says fifty days to save the planet from catastrophe that was the independent October twenty two thousand nine. again arctic ice free by twenty fourteen U. S. A. today December fourteenth two thousand nine it's not ice free. the guardian July twenty four twenty thirteen arctic ice free by twenty fifteen. they never ends does it. twenty thirteen arctic ice free by twenty sixteen so it's by twenty fourteen by twenty fifteen by twenty sixteen this is the guardian twenty thirteen and obviously it's not. only five hundred days before climate chaos twenty fourteen the Washington examiner. all yes. and yet we have climate changes the.

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