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Lifts calling the unit levelfive the industry term for a fully autonomous vehicles expects to have two hundred employees working on the vehicles in the thirty th anniversary of the release of dirty dancing is being celebrated near the former catskills resort that inspired the film the hurley vote arts centres having a dirty dancing theme saturday the events include a fashion show set to the 1980s seven film soundtrack attacked by former resort dance instructor jackie horner and his screening of the movie corner todt dance lessons to gas and entertainers at nearby grossing areas which is now abandoned the famous hotel served as the inspiration for the brooklyn native eleanor bernstein screenplay about a jewish girl nicknamed baby in his spends the summer of 1963 at an upstate resort and falls in love with dance instructor johnny castle i science family vacation dick grossing irs in the 1950s when horner was the dance instructor many foreigners experiences wound up being part of the film a judge says wisconsin counties likely violating the us constitution with its requirement that game developers obtain permits for augmented reality apps like pokemon go to be played in parks the judge said in a ruling milwaukee county can't enforce the ordinance for now thrilling came at the request of game developer candy lab which is suing to overturn the rule lucky county passed the requirement in response to the large crowds the poggi mungo attracted to one of its parks last summer fficials said the sudden influx of people left the park trash ridden candy leads developing a game that would be affected by the role that counties are you the games not protected speech under the constitution thank you for listening today ap radio network pay to do know that the associated press produces newsrelated blocks the latest installment as i said i that brings to moments in presidents have distant to life and death photo collection highlights include checkers the dog that was a focal poignant nixon's 1950 suckers these on the.

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