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Eligible orders over thirty five dollars restrictions in details and I was on the call basketball here's how this court went in the game tonight for the Victoria's blue demons Charlie Moore led the way with twenty five points you also dished out and assess well that was not his season high by the way but it certainly is among them twenty five for more twenty four for Jaylen botch a career high for him thirteen for Coleman lands all of those the second half eleven for Paul reed all of that in the second half a two points for Jacobs two points for weed was appalled ended up shooting forty three percent for the game thirty one of seventy to thirty seven percent from three point range not a twenty four sixty percent of the line twelve of twenty they out rebounded the Wildcats barely thirty nine thirty seven they had nineteen assists eight turnovers DePaul had one block and six steals the Wildcats boo boo he led the way with twenty five Miller cop twenty one young had eleven Turner had five eight points for Spencer for each for naps in Jones the Wildcats shot fifty three percent thirty five percent not at twenty six from three of seventy percent seven of ten from the free throw line we're joined now by head coach Chris Collins brought to you by our friends from Gold Coast tickets remind you that when it comes your favorite concerts sports and theater events you've got a guy it was a great game to watch coach I'm not sure if a game like this is as much fun to coach for you because it if that comes down to the end you have a lead there they had a couple of three is the where in your mind that this game how to get away from yeah that was a stretch you know we yeah I thought we weathered every storm throughout the whole game you know every time they try to make a little potion make little run we found a way to score we found a way to execute I thought both teams played really hard I thought was a high level came a couple teams really wanted it and then the office the the little stretch where was the the three for more the four point play from common lands and then we turn it over and you know but says a break ways of forty percent free throw shooter you know instead of taking a foul making him.

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