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What do i he thirty bucks. I tip them ten. We get out of. There is soon as we walk out she goes. Are you going to text. Mike guy who normally cuts my eric said. I've already sent the fucking text. So katie's on waivers i. She went right from the show to the chelsea riding the the the sleeper bus soggy subs for at least a month so what he was able to do from the picture. You sent me to what it looks like. Now is the back. Line a nightmare though. No no it's not. It's not as it's it's got a growing a little bit but one of the details. I forgot the metro. When i got back the seat. You know how after it's a little bit wet. They start combing it in order like get it going before. They cut it every time that he put the brush in my head it got stuck because of the curls. He didn't try to keep going to get it through. He just went. Till i got stuck in a like tried the brush out and then did it again and then pride the brush out never once did he actually go all the way to comb it through so i wanna fight the fucking guy in rough and rowdy grenell occasion after that like fake and tough. Dan everybody listening. This has been to a haircut where they know that the minute they sit down. It's not going to go. Well although are a you might be a special case because you're kind of an off the glass out. How long have you been just been shaving. Your head twenty now like mark consistent. I'll let it grow and blow. Go the bobber while but i i initially shaved it about twenty as i looked and realized i was living a lie and based off the picture and the fact that the sideburn my sideburns when i left there were longer than the hairs on top of my head so i think i think anybody. Who's watching this on youtube as seen. How fucking ridiculous. My head looked after up there and haircuts i've ever seen ever seen. I think i thought ashton kutcher was gonna pop on. I thought i was being punked. But i guess not so No more blue nile for for katie. And sorry for wasting everybody's time with that story. That's quite a right. Everybody enjoys you stories on here and actually this next signing assam pretty much carries the same Let's see same theme as the previous one elvis. Moore's league and signed a pretty good deal not a ton of stats. While the la kings inked a goaltender calpeda into a three fifteen million dollars extension got a modified. No trade clause ten teams. He doesn't wanna go to if they ask. He's only got fifty korea stops in the nhl. Nineteen twenty five and six with a two seven nine goals against nine one. Six save percentage in a shout. What's interesting is the first year of his extension is the last year of jonathan quick steel. So again very similar to the copa. Sallow ms leak thing. Where this guy. Hey you got a guy in a contract year. My plays balls off. I is a guide going into his extension. So either way You wonder what the future of jonathan quick in l. a. l. info at biz. Also interesting probably gonna play probably play mentor in then play thirty games. I would say that ca- cal peterson's probably got the net as far as this season even if it's fifty fifty you get to ease your your next goal tender into things and not. Just throw them into the fire which is a to me a perfect situation. I was fortunate enough to play in ontario with mike stars. And he'd been raving about this guy since you got there. I want to say he played at notre dame classic biz rate. Here peterson you talking about. Yep they only give it to me. Give it to me correct. This dog is. I just want to see what what kings got this year. That's one of those teams. I don't know how it's going to go. I think they could. They could be good. It's also so early and a lot of these young guys. They brought in by feel different players. I i am excited to see where they go for that and and Who's the kid from montreal. They broadened cottam toronto. Blink i blew my law and i do know i mean doughty was talking about it on thirty one thoughts. He said he's sick. A losing and blakey had to make some moves in order to bolster that lineup. So they're very very strong down the middle and now that allows quinton by feel to probably play third line center if not they may move them to a wing position a little bit. Yeah so. I think they're in a good situation and i'm really interested to see what happens and not pacific division. Because what's pretty. I was gonna say pretty nice repeated in going from i eight fifty eight and change up to five million when the extension kicks in next. Yeah but then you get california taxes. So he's right back. They eat fifth time for five million. I make one point two. That's an iou that's as good as my more signing here The blue lamborghini and blue and forward robert thomas two years. Five point six mil. The twenty two year old had twelve points in thirty. Three games played last year. So i know he's he looked great when they're on their run to the cop and i know he battled injuries like that's a guy could pop off at a nice number i love saying paw-paw biz gave me that word years ago. But he could have to stay saint louis bouncing back and he's not of money. Sorry for interrupting you there. We're having little guys. When i get interrupted i just keep going. I'm like a freight train. Can you repeat what you said though. Because i didn't hear it. I just said that. Thomas could be nice and he doesn't make a lot of money and it's pretty good signing by boy. Doug armstrong who also got Resigned more years for big big game. Dug co all pto. The pto mass. Real deal real dill jada. Hat trick. Listen i don't put too much stock in a preseason plan the leafs parade losing right now in much then excel the farm bianca but yeah james neal man he needs a bounce back year and i i would imagine. They're going to sign him for probably league veteran league minimum and he's probably going to put forty talks in the back of the net so off to a hot start and i mean. Yeah the real deal. James neal in saint louis maybe one of the reasons why they probably were able to get rid of sanford they ended up trailing him off all logan brownback. I was gonna gets all that. Yeah charlotte we all know. Sorry we all saint louis blues bubble. Hey yeah you just mentioned they. They signed you. You guys boy. Doug armstrong brought you guys. I some per. Dm's a few years back. They signed him to a five year contract extension. That will take him through. Twenty twenty six. He's also the general manager of teen candidate in beijing next year as well. The blues also announced that peter cheryl has been named vice president of hockey operations and that ken hitchcock will rejoin the organization as a coaching consultant. In that move. I was just about to get to whereas it seemed to a straight sequestration. Ford zach sanford to ottawa for forward logan round and a conditional fourth and twenty two twenty six year old. Sanford had sixteen goal. I'm sorry sixteen. Points fifty two games. Lachaise got one year left at two million dollars. The twenty three zero brown had nine points and thirteen age. I'll games last year. He's had the injury bug by a couple of times making seven hundred and fifty grand this year. The conditional draft pick is removed from the deal. If brown plays more than thirty. Nhl games this season kinda like we were talking about. What gloria i guess Business as trade value if a guy plays x..

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