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Both my old all right let us return to the telephones talking about the big agenda the white house yesterday the president members of congress democrat and republican president flanked by democrats so they'd be in the shot in their faces could be seen let's go to let's go to bob in herndon virginia bob you're on the chris plante show hello and good morning bob all right have big point bit is the note to say that trump did not referred to a physical wall i mean on the campaign trail all he did val he did people had people add are you talking about you're not talking about a physical wall you are you and he's a guest talking about miles and miles a physical wall finished say now oh we not talking about miles the mouth of the announcing that ludicrous no is nowhere talking about miles and miles a physical wall but not the chinese wall from the gulf mexico to the pacific ocean what not well but you're right he then and you're right hinted on going to be continuous but that it was going to be the largely and mostly a physical wall i mean and does your back off on that now with a little phil well no i i gotta tell you if you listen to the show over the course of the last year i have said certainly all along it's the case and i mentioned adjusts earlier this morning it's a case of taking them literally and not seriusly versus seriously and not literally i in my mind's eye and on this radio show had been talking all along about border security and not the great wall of china well i bet now and it's small details it's it's it's a small point you know quite honestly if we're talking about securing the border and we are then we're talking about secure end the democrats are still against securing the border let's be clear about that oh they most certainly aqaba second second point if you're if the republican position is you wanted to trade daca amnesty for increase border security that they reasonable and perfectly acceptable position but there's not with ask yesterday he was asked do you support eight clean dhaka's bill and trump said yeah yeah i support that the republicans had to jump in and say no no no that's and clearly do not understand that because it is on you're not.

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