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Americans are spending the holidays in the hospital for covert 19. The covert tracking project reports that of the 119,000 people Hospitalized. 22,000 are in the ICU 1500 Americans lost their lives to the virus. Christmas Day. However, the number's probably low since 20 states didn't report updates on Christmas, the better end of the Cold War who turned out to be a double agent is dead. George Blake died in Russia today. Blake was a British spy who also spied for Russia and exposed the identities of hundreds of West. Turn agents in the 19 fifties lakes. Treason was found out, and he was sentenced to 42 years in prison in the early sixties. In 1966, he made a daring escape from a London prison and fled to East Berlin and Russia, where he's been living ever since. Blake was 98 years old, and no one grabbed the jackpot and last night's mega millions drawing, so it rolls up to at least $376 million for Tuesday's drawing. Tonight's Powerball jackpot is worth at least $341 million. That's the latest I'm a city and I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. The New York City Police Department has been on the alert for weeks for possible attacks similar to Friday's deliberate RV explosion in Nashville. Bloomberg's Denise Pellegrini. Reports and Internal NYPD memo issued earlier this month warned that law enforcement or the priority targets for terror attacks involving homemade bombs and vehicle arson. This is a December 14th memo. It was obtained by the post, and it said violent extremists and malicious criminal actors might go after cops to exacerbate tension exploit civil unrest. And incite further violence. Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg radio. A staffer for governor Andrew Cuomo was expected to survive after she was attacked on Christmas Eve in the city video shows a man creeping up on 51 year old Lisa Cavanaugh, who was walking home in broad daylight. Post reports. 28 year old Christopher Guzman allegedly bashed her over the head with a cinder block more details coming to light now about that doctor at Boston Medical Center, who had a severe reaction to the Corona virus vaccine. The doctor who had the severe reaction had been given the Moderna vaccine. He had a previous known allergy to shellfish. The doctor used his EpiPen and was taken to the ER observed and discharged. Boston Herald says the FDA is looking at the polyethylene glycol in both the Moderna and the fines or vaccine as the culprit for the small number of cases of reported allergic reactions to the vaccine. As we move ahead to the final trading week of 2020 and into the new year. What are the opportunities in the new year for investors Jonathan goal of his chief US equity strategist at Credit Suisse Securities, what has been working and we think it will continue. Companies that are higher quality. Those air companies that, for example, have less dead on their balance sheets or or or less volatile global news. 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer, this is Bloomberg. He is Bloomberg Business Week with Tara Messer from Bloomberg Radio. We'll bring you some of this week's highlights on her daily radio show and podcast, including one of my favorite people to talk with Bloomberg Pursuits. Food editor Kate Crater. She's a go to an all things, food, dining trends and the chefs and restaurants behind it all..

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