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You target starting pitching this winter. And, uh, maybe the next few years when you're right on the precipice of Being back in that playoff funded division title chase. That's when you go and get that might impact that. You there, Bill? Yeah, I'm here. Okay. You're there, Tim. I don't know. If we do we lose now. I didn't know if you lost him or not sounding like it. Oh, sorry. I'm still here. Sorry. That's a great answer. Great answer. I hadn't really thought about it. But you know, you can have Quintana back. I mean, he's a giant now. But this is this a good report on the cubs. Uh, I'm glad we had John because now I understand a little bit more of the trades the people they got back. There is a strength with the bullpen. Maybe you don't want to get in the bullpen game with the Cubs right now, But there is good stuff on the horizon. And Tim, you told it very well. So We appreciate you being on very much. Thank you. Thanks, Tim. Yep. Thanks for having me on really appreciate it. Yeah, Absolutely. It was a good report. Wasn't it? Pill? Yeah. Good coverage. I think that's what giant fans need to hear. What happened, You know, because everybody sees all the trades and you want to know what the next step is, and I think teams just like the Cubs if they wanted to rebuild. They have to look at some of the young talent and I thought you hit it on hit a lot of good prospects. That were traded for some of these key players, and we'll see how those all fit in and you probably won't know until next spring training. That's what he usually the whole puzzle pieces. All the pieces go on that board and the White Board and then you start picking it and picking up this one picking up this one and And that's when you're really going to see the prospects and see if they go into free agency because that was a key point to Marty. Are they going to go in and do it all over again? Are they going to continue to keep the young players on the field? Well, they need some pitching now. You know Davies, I would assume I'm not sure what his contract is, but he's having an awful year. As I said, his numbers look like the Cubs from 1957. You know, the whole staff was six and 10 with a 5 16 earned run average. I remember the baseball cards. But what he said with Tim said, is interesting. And Gausman. Of course, uh, that's that's a good name. Uh, you got this funny who's a free agent, then Stroman and Rais People like that. So it sounds to me. Like the Cubs need some starting pitching. And if they get that they could be patient with the rest of the growth of the young players kind of little bit like the Giants truthfully, in a way. The Giants, You know, gotta starting staff that's outstanding in baseball, one of the best in baseball. I think it's number eight, and you are a and baseball and all of a sudden the young players started to make it happen. Ah, Cubs don't have that many veterans, but the young players start to make it happen. It's a little bit like the Giants philosophy. Yeah, and you're absolutely right about the pitching part, and I would think the Cubs are going to be right in the middle of that, But I think all teams right now, Marty as we're watching, how these teams are are falling apart. It's mostly about pitching, so I think you're going to have a lot of teams jumping in a lot of these free agent market for pitching. And a lot of those big names you just announced. They're good start. They have been having good years. Stroman. Robby Ray in Toronto is just outstanding. And you know, you just go from a to Z and you're going to be able to offer some here some there. Maybe they're going to be out of your market with the pricing. But I think you're going to have a numerous amount of teams go after pitching this winter. Yeah, And you, You may even have an opener signed. Who knows? You know, because we're doing that Leon was terrific as an opener. Yesterday. We got more to talk about on that one. Normally in this time slot David Hollander would be on with protect your assets. And of course, since we're on so early, David is not on today. But don't worry. He will be back next week. The Sandman. David Hollander Love them and, uh, try not to miss his show, so he will be back next Saturday at eight o'clock. Alright Bill and I will move forward Bruce Jenkins of the Chronicle is next as we get ready for baseball here. Kevin Gausman, Zach Davies. It sounds like a good day for the Giants. But After listening to Tim Stebbins, You don't necessarily want to be in the bullpen game with these guys. So you want to. You want to take care of Zach Davies early with plenty of runs and not not getting a tight game later on, more coming up came the R. 6 81 45, the sports leader. Talking baseball with Marty Laurie, Bill Lasky and Carrie Crowley, KNBR 1045 and 6 80 the sports Sleep Yeah. Saturday, September 18th Bellator enema returns to the S A P Center in San Jose. It's the long awaited promotional debut of Yoel Romero when he takes on former world champion Phil Davis in a light heavyweight battle..

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