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With at outcome that have the cloud edge that networking asset of capabilities security set of capabilities that we can consume as a service. And that's really the second year the flexible consumption. And if there's anything that kobe has thought us is that we need to be ready. We need to be heard and east tomorrow morning. We need to see off. Two thousand employees to be able to work remotely from different areas areas across the world different areas across america or different geos. We need to be able to do that immediately in if we need to seen down because of some crunch you see in the market or an arjun heat were experiencing immunity to tighten the belt. We need to be able to do that as fall. Consuming connectivity secure connectivity as a service allows us to do debts finally a couple more points. I want to emphasize on earth. Sassy is really security in the fourteen coming together in itself in when we think about which vendor is right for us as a business. Those are the three points that i would urge everyone to look at networking. How do you connect to your obligation. What kind of visibility. You're having to us happening. In the internet's what kind of networking record in capabilities. You have in order to optimize and assure cutting tv secure as you ain't being if you can efficiently connecting optimize that connection you've role here on the security side. It's really easy to bolsa. Love bells and whistles in innovative features or on connectivity. if he doesn't have the security or weed ads you're suppose and we don't. We don't want that either ryan. So i would urge everyone now to be blinded by all the china features that may come from one side to the san that we're not really looking into third body. Secrecy deaths incompliance and everything that comes from the security side and then finally i would say we're talking about the cloud edge. We're talking about clinic. Dvd applications to is to are on offs and data centers. In the cloud matters your vendor needs to be cloud native iran or needs to support modern cloud architecture van or needs to have flow clinic. Dvd to all the defends providers for example how about testing the chronic dvd. Weeden outs your sassy provider to the locations to the Services officer sixty five is something that many or customers are really bending on for their business. Can your vendor improve on the bench in the last thing. And i really started with that so that that's a great he sued to end with. Sassy is a germ. we're early stage. In the process for the entire industry gartner idc any other analysts. Expect these markets really grow over. The next few years truth of the matter is that you shouldn't be forced or Into making decisions that you're not comfortable enemy to ensure that your vendor your partner is ready to support you. You can't go all the way to the cloud tomorrow morning. That's fine if you mean to spin out remote orders that's fine and then physical locations can follow if you have fifteen hundred gutter locations that you can just like data centers roffe through the cloud. This came the campbell. Says you can gradually get them through the crowd as also make sure that you understand that you're facing a junior that the partner that you're choosing has the right capabilities products and map because everything is changing right and road map in order to escort you in that journey do successful deployment office certainly thank you again for joining us today. Raviv are there any final thoughts you want to add. While seeing i've been really optionally following these the progression of security and the values that security brings over the last decade or so. Anything really interesting for me to see how we as an industry Who's on on -nology and how we can really drive security and then that the community was measured through secrecy and the only thing that mattered was how your security and elegance In how many threats he knew Against the commodity seal matter but now we efficacy on top of that. The next step in index chain was the simplicity because realized that if we we have deficiency that. We don't have simplicity than humans will get it wrong in. This is our us. This is just a human issue that we all face we've so we really have to have the technology efficacy and this implicitly but looking into tomorrow in the next couple of years whether really see that we're learning is that security needs to be art of something even bigger in needs to demonstrate immediate value to our customers. And that's really what stands at the core of sassy not just of course it simple declining. Dvd and the ability to optimize that connection in may the end users life easier and help them achieve their goals fashion about this is really where we're going in. This is really. What's guiding us now journey juicy here. It's well thank you again for joining us today and thank you to our audience. Sgx central for joining us for this sponsored interview. I've been your host craven associated studio editor. Sgx central follow seven layers. So you never miss an episode in as always you can learn more about the current state of technology over on sgx central dot com and one more thing sgx central's on twitter goes to follow at sdn central and give my page of hollow at the definer underscore dx. Please leave seven layers. A review on the podcast half of your choice to help us reach a wider audience and to see how we can improve. Thanks for joining us. And i look forward to our next episode..

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