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Of course the lines. as we all know that this is a way to pick up people watching sports gather. they love the sport you play football because. hi Dan not. I like. you're so hot that you can a tree my blinds lining. you prefer to have under full hand come to touch so you could say full time yeah okay see you know your thing I like your just Vikings Jersey but it would look better on me here better on my bedroom floor. better on them what's that Jersey that's right can I get your Jersey. ask me why why you go for your name and number. do you know what the Mike said I have in common no one. good D.. yeah I've never made an incomplete pass and I hope you will be my first. yeah I'd love to touch down in your hands I'd I'd use of factors line right now okay cheesy that's funny. that's a very good one thank you. I would say it again because I one deserves extra credit I do the Packers line right now but cheesy. and you be intercepted my heart and what can we use for I'd use a Viking flying right now but it's too. I'm still learning there you go. yeah sortie. no I use the Vikings line right now but it's to are you an eligible receiver of my phone number. S. okay I wish you're on the team because I'd love to see your backfield in motion together at that. but if we can't have a new relationship. yes that's down. one of warm the bench with me absolutely. I'm sending you offer improper conduct go to my room. the one I have some improper. there you go anyway the. you. you. to make a personal follow ninety. that doesn't come out right but there's got to be a better way to do about this I've never made an incomplete pass and I hope you will be my first. and again in a different way to try to sell it harder and better. writer. yeah yeah I think you know harder faster tighter. got to sell. now would you. center. I mean I'm just thinking of different things you know I think that big your print can I be your center would you like you know. will you be when you hold my balls for the high. I don't know I'm. hello my goals on the other night on a football last weekend when someone on a hot Mike will never been that close to you didn't hear that I. Sunday night ever been that close. now Michael okay I guess. my saying something in the huddle and then al Michaels I don't. here's my last one consider this your two minute warning before I walked away. that kind of you know yeah okay okay I've never had my can apply. because this is in so much trouble of a sentence. never had my **** thumbed. that that the player that al was just laughing right it was. there was no that's the only time I paid attention of a buzz when this type of activity yeah. if you think about it it's a bunch of men walking around and white white pants with no underwear and they don't work cops because they can't run as fast is that right never I didn't know that now seems dangerous. are we getting you down all right I.

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