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More. I didn't say that I said he had. He has fueled it. About about about the atmosphere, the pandemic and people being locked up and people losing their jobs and stuff, and I tell you what else has contributed to it. We could use a lot of rain in these cities the last couple of days. All weather if it didn't porn down in defeat last couple of nights, I don't think you've seen the same thing. It is a lot coming together here. I mean it's it's these are. I mentioned this story yesterday. Because I'm pretty sure I told you this story. like a year ago I got into this argument with family member, who was absolutely convinced that these were the most divisive, most polarizing scariest of times this year year, and a half ago and I said come on man, eight half of her cities were burning down. We had a civil war in this country but fast forward a year later not that he saw this necessarily coming, but you know the first major pandemic in almost one hundred years, or over a hundred years and. This sort of sitting powder keg that's exploded in the wake of something that everybody agreed on like. You would have been one thing if you had people out there defending the police actions. If you had people saying we gotta and see, there's context there's there's a back story here. We gotta wait. No one was saying this. Everybody watched that video in. Everybody heard that poor man. Ask for his breath. Tell him telling him he can't breathe. Crying out for his mother. Is just awful. What Derek Show van in those other officers? Did this man awful and at the same time the unrest in our cities? Now you know over the last several nights is unfortunately the behavior of to me. Criminals Opportunists who really for the most part, don't give a shit about George Floyd. And that's got to be stopped to. Yet does. Yet does but not I mean, but but I mean the images the image that we saw. Of Trump yesterday walking over to the Church and before that the police chief from accounts. Wearing out a peaceful group of permits up protests know. No your accounts. Okay, I know where your accounts come from. There are a lot of different accounts on that including three specific warnings to cleared out because you had in a curfew that was imminent. You know three different attempts to cleared back you had you had a couple of scuffles? You had a lot of FTP chance you had water bottles. Being hurled into that situation, it was not a bunch of. It wasn't one hundred percent across the board peaceful people that weren't told to move in stone. Not. J that's like it's not one hundred percent of people of police officers who decided to punch out a cameraman Yeah I got I got in the way, right. It was one. Yeah, just just like it. Wasn't you know in this particular situation?.

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