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And he you know so he was a tough tough guy grown up in the bronx and now finishing college going out to california to try to become an actor alternately became an agent had a really interesting career managed harry belafonte and it can fell out with belafonte over there were other things like money but you know they were issues around civil rights in belafonte uh you know activities in civil rights movement which my dad didn't always understand an end to their was that was an interesting dynamic but rohan and martin who did laugh yen and francorussian red buttons and bobby darren so my dad had this really interesting career he was in vegas and met my mother actually introduced by the comedian bob newhart my mother was really singer spiring dancer and so you know so they met each other and then they lived out in vegas and my father became a theatrical producer and i spent a lot of time on broadway as a kid is the son of a of a theatrical producer even though we grow up in los angeles and my mother my mother inro probably you what what kinds of shows said he purdue he did deeded camelot and my fair lady in 1988 e one those are the revivals of those shows he did he it's funny i sent you that picture 'cause you guys looked headed yes some similarities with your suggestion in nineteen no seventy i want to save seventy four he declarants darrow with henry fonda and they brought that to washington and i remember george mcgovern was there and i just discovered 'cause i'm good friends with tim shriver his parents arjun and younis shriver in a picture meeting my dad because i'm creating a book about my dad and so they had this thing it kennedy center that was a kind of a heady thing from my dad my dad loved mini love politics from afar but he loved the hedonists of of world affairs in washington and nothing pleased him more and he was a big adviser to me and my career in nothing nothing impressed him more than you know that the idea that i had this front row seat to history that i knew presidents and kings is he would say did you uh you you must have known say henry fonda you must have met him in yeah dr said he were i was young yeah richard burton i met.

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