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About hitchhikers guide to the galaxy on Twitter people wanna, you know You know about about the. the movie weird movie approaching a part like that. How different is it from man doing, like, because that's like you can see that's like a wacky comedy. Whatever. That was really click. I mean, I remember watching George Bush glint Bill Clinton a math mckanna. He mcconnahey was in von. Yeah, a little bit of Woody Harrelson, and then I remember watching Freddie Mercury and is filling a little Brad Pitt in there. But the one thing I watched Jim Carey in the mask, a right a lot, and I watched some wolf Aero's, I watched everything people who those seem to be all people who are like untamed don't have any structure. Yeah. And then that other head was a little bit more. Yeah. Rag matter. Eddie Murphy in the nutty, professor. His alter ego, I think is really I've stolen, a lot from that, that the couple times when I did better living through chemistry. I watched the nutty, professor Jerry Lewis one and any Murphy. So I St. I steal a lot of shit from, from the mood. Stoop on the from the great Bill Murray. Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy. You know, to narrow, you know, Jon Voight I always say to young students, I say, you know, watch the men should watch the women in the women's watch the men that if you're a young actress shoe, watch Reggie boy, if you're young actors, you what Sophie's choice interesting, Bob Hoskins something about about. If you wanna play tough guy, and my teacher said this to Bob Hoskins city would watch, you know, he, he, he was more interested in, in, in women who when he was watching. There's a there's something about tapping into that vulnerability..

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