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In high range. The weather forecast creating havoc with high school football around the state because of the high likelihood now of flooding rains around the area tomorrow. Several high school football games have been moved up to tonight, including both the games, we're broadcasting here on our I heart family of stations Guthrie at Piedmont will be on thirteen forty the game tonight. Kick off at seven and PC west at Putnam city will be on ninety eight point five FM also tonight at seven both games had been scheduled, of course for Friday night. Among the other games at least around the metro being moved up Stillwater at deer creek Mustang at Norman north Norman at uconn Lawton, admit west city mount Saint Mary at heritage all those are just some of the games. Okay. Preps dot com and use okay dot com. Both have full list on their website. We could see more games moved this morning from tomorrow night to tonight. Many of the other. Of course, we'll still be played tomorrow. Hoping for the best regardless of the weather. Joel Reagan Eric g and I will have all the scores on Friday night vinyls from to midnight right here on KT. Okay. Tomorrow night, also on thirteen forty the game. Plus almost thirty other radio stations around the state little bit later this morning, thunder GM Sam prestige, hold his annual preseason us conference. It's the first time since draft night, president has addressed the media. So they'll be questioned about Russell Westbrook's knee surgery. Andre Roberson recovery from his knee injury and the acquisition of Dennis Schroder and lots more topics. That happens this morning at eleven hopefully, the rain will have ended by Saturday afternoon and both THEO unco as you games can be played without the threat of rain Saturday evening, Sooners hosting army, the first time those teams have played each other in more than sixty years. There will be several special events leading up to and during the game and head coach Lincoln Riley says he and his team have tremendous respect for the black. Nights of army. We know how hard it is to be a division one athlete. And and and go to school and do all things go there and on top of it. You put on.

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