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Your sister's puking she's puking shut god damnit all that so you read them go the fuck to bed yeah go fuck of ed is like one of the funniest it's like why was that not around when i was a kid like that's such a again that's like such a funny idea so simple i like that yeah okay so i know you're not on twitter have you purposely avoided the whole world with a yeah i mean i think because i think i would it'd become like a drug to me like i would just get really into it and i i would i've found okay i went to john laney's wedding and woman came up to me and said oh i follow your all your fan tumbler things sites and i was like what what are you talking about and he's like yeah on fuck yeah bill hater this thing called fuck yeah bill hader and i was like oh so in checked it out and it's like it's really funny they give me a lot of shit on it but it's actually hilarious and it's worthy and stuff so that's probably closest thing i have to say this girl's fan site and look at it and go that pitcher come from but yeah i don't yeah i don't really do close and i don't think probably go back there again i just checked it out of john's wedding and it was like did you see this and he's like yeah did you see the one about he was another one about how badly i dress talked about that on conan in that bill hader needs new clothes no it's wonderful is this a website dedicated to twitter it's a tumbler tumbler a whole tumbler.

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