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Little side effects. Oh, gosh. All right. I there was a you're bringing this up before the show that there was a weightlifter who won what a transgender weightlifter that gender lifter which was a man who's identifying as a woman was in a woman's powerlifting tournament. He broke four women's powerlifting records. Yeah. And won all ninety vents in the match. And he thought good about bragging about it. Though, I received that man. In commandments power lifting. I I've known a lot of women in life. I am not a power lifter, and I could win women's powerlifting. Yeah. You're actually, right, right. Yeah. And this guy's ecstatic. That's really that's really sad. And we're seeing more and more headlines like that aren't more looking. We can do. Yeah. Yeah. And proud of it. They're not even embarrassed a little bit that they entered the inter that Malaysian fast. Yes, it is. It's scary. It really is high collar welcome to the show. Go right ahead. Yeah. De worming medication jump topics. The I guess I I heard that was something that was used in Europe. Quite a bit de worming medications for treatment of cancer. That's so interesting. I'd never before. We're just we're just a little bit fighter on that. That whole thing here in America in Europe thumb, you know, there's a lot moral turn of integrative stuff in the one on interesting. They like us to use the the protocol that that makes the lobbyists a lot of cash over here. Stranger chemotherapy drugs thousand dollars. And that's what it reminded me of the doctor said, no, that's too simple. They want it to be complicated. And they want you to think that there isn't a simple route to radical right because they're the ones with the answer. So having to be complicated. And all okay. Thank you for that. Call. I really appreciate that. And young. I it was the first time I'd heard about it. Well, I call her welcome to the show. Go right ahead. I don't. Oh, I I thank you so much for the update with the medication. You're welcome not. I mean, that's really good information on that real veterenarian have like between men pharmacy. They know so much more than doctors to Marion Wright look at the the cause as what is going on with an annual. And they have been do what I write if something out a hard guy. So true, bingo. You're not gonna get your diet at the doctor. They don't ask you about your diet. Don't ask you ask. You anything about that that at trying to find the cause looking at and trying to cover up the symptoms. He tried to go to the cause. And then get you yourself or your animal? Different outcome based on your actions. Hey, I. Yeah. Come from. And so that's why they're so effective joint formula that was developed for horses and the mazing by it doesn't really have a taste. And that is the most the best you've ever found in your life. If you search galloping. Hey. Yeah. When people. People normal people with a lot of Feen. When people don't have the clock in the morning for crying out loud. Now. It's true. That's true. They're angry. And you know, that you're affecting your glands you're pumping all that extra testosterone into your system out high rate. We wonder why people are so reactionary why are there so aggressive, and so me that's true. Very very true. I mean, I love good Pepsi. So for me, you know. Yeah..

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